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Avian Flu Test Required for Birds Outside the State of CT

Connecticut state law requires all out-of-state waterfowl to be tested and found negative for Avian Influenza before being transported into the State of Connecticut.

This means that if you have birds outside Connecticut that you would like to surrender to us or would like us to take in as rescues, you must first have them tested and found negative for Avian Influenza.

You can search our Vet Finder database of waterfowl vets if you need assistance locating a vet in your area that can handle waterfowl and avian influenza testing.

The vet will need to perform a cloacal swab, virus isolation test for the H5 and H7 strains of avian influenza. They will also need to Typhoid Pullurum (Salmonella). Both tests will need to be processed by a state approved, regulatory lab (you will need to find a vet who has experience with this procedure).

Once the test is performed, the birds will need to remain in your custody for 3-5 days while you wait for the results to come back. During this time, you will need to arrange for the placement of a numbered leg band on each duck.

If the test is negative, your vet will need to issue a Health Certificate for the ducks you are bringing into the state of Connecticut. List our address on the Certificate exactly as follows:  Kimberly Link, 17 Barker Road, Lebanon CT  06249.

The Health Certificate (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) must include a physical description, (including breed) and sex of the duck/goose (if determinable). The certificate must specifically state that the ducks or geese listed have: “Tested negative for Avian Influenza virus H5 and H7, parasites and Salmonella.” Identifying leg band numbers must also be referenced on the Health Certificate.

Once you have the completed Health Certificate in hand, you will need to call The Office of The Connecticut State Veterinarian (PH# 860-713-2504). They will issue you a permit #. Write that number clearly on the Health Certificate and then bring it with you along with the bird(s) when you transport them to our sanctuary.

When you arrive, we will take our copy and the State of Connecticut's copy of the Health Certificate. We will also need a hard copy of the negative test results from your vet which MUST include the name and address of the state regulatory lab that provided the test results.















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