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Issue 175 July

In This Issue:

   Most Photogenic Winners!
   Most Magnificent Splash Winners!
   Best Yoga Pose/Stretch Winners!
   Honorable Mention Winner!
   President's Pick Winner!
   Thank you, Contestants!
   Thank you, Judges!
   Majestic Farewell...
   2020 Photo Contest Categories
   Other Favorite Yoga Poses!
   Other Favorite Splashes!
   Other Favorite Photos!
   Close Ribbon Contenders!

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Majestic Farewell...

Deeta Bonita, Deeta Bonita...
La la la la la la la...
Dear little one,
Your silly personality,
Your precious song of a heart,
Your beautiful way...
You will always be remembered here...


2020 Photo Contest Categories

Next year's photo contest will run from May 1st - May 31st with an Early Bird Special during the first week. 

2020 Photo Contest Categories:

1) Most Photogenic

3) Best Dressed

2) Most Velociraptor
(Open to pet Mallards & exotics too!)

Our new category "Most Velociraptor" was inspired two of our adorable Most Photogenic contestants this year:

Obsidian and...

Gordy the Wonder Goose!

Other Favorite Yoga Poses!

Walter in his best Yoga Stretch!

Elly shows us Backward Facing Duck!

Speckles demonstrates flexibility!

Cream has incredible balance!

Pearl does yoga in her sleep!

Other Favorite SPLASHES!

ALL CLEAR Butters is splashing!

A different Butters splashes too!

Canne & Cloud in the shower!

Other Favorite Photos!

Mama and her ducklings

Under Mama

3 Amigos: Snowflake, Sprout & Pudding!

Cream is poetry in motion!

Dean, Crowley & Marv!

Aww... Beebo! We love you!

Eggbert and his GORGEOUS feathers!

Perry & Pearl:  "Hey, watch out!"

Perry is Most Adorable--what a face!

Cai in the dandelions!

Cai has a friend!

Daffy beach view!

Beaker & Eggbert in the snow!

Herman glistens and shines!

Close Ribbon Contenders!

Skittles is simply breathtaking!

Speedy is divine!

Judges fawned over Oliver Twist!

Esmae almost won with this one!

Cash nearly nabbed the President's Pick!

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Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary
17 Barker Road
Lebanon, CT 06249

Our Newsletter

The Majestic Monthly is published 12 times per year. Previous issues are available in our Archives.

Most Photogenic Winners!

1st Place
Winner's Name:
Submitted by:  Phyllis Muller

Blue Ribbon Sponsor:
Mary Gentry


2nd Place
Winner's Name:
Submitted by:  Lorraine Aubert

Our judges noticed an amazing optical illusion in Archer's bill.
His nare looks like an eye and his bill harbors the hidden image of a vulture!

Can you see it? WOW!

Red Ribbon Sponsor:
Bruce & Buddy


3rd Place
Winner's Name:
Submitted by:  Alaine Amaral

White Ribbon Sponsor:
The Puddleduck Store

Most Magnificent SPLASH Winners!

1st Place
Winner's Name:
  Miss Hope
Submitted by:  Ona Canupp

Blue Ribbon Sponsor:


2nd Place
Winner's Name:  Bilby

Submitted by:  Griffin Asimow

Red Ribbon Sponsor:


3rd Place
Winner's Name:  Lilly

Submitted by:  Tina Spencer

White Ribbon Sponsor:

Best Yoga Pose/Stretch Winners

1st Place
Winner's Name:  Banshee & Lilly

Submitted by:  Tina Spencer

Blue Ribbon Sponsor:


2nd Place
Winner's Name:  Squeaky

Submitted by:  Susan Wilkinson

Red Ribbon Sponsor:
Sir Francis


3rd Place
Winner's Name:  Elf
Submitted by:  Sarah McDougall

White Ribbon Sponsor:
Smidge's Army

Honorable Mention Winner

Winner's Name:  Toasty
Submitted by:  Amy Laughead

Honorable Mention Ribbon Sponsor:
Y-Knot Ducks  

President's Pick Winner

Winner's Name: Pippy
Submitted by: Ana Xjor

President's Pick Ribbon Sponsor:
Melanie & Mark Simmonds – Soft Landings of Tennessee

Thank You, Contestants!

We would like to thank ALL of our marvelous contestants this year for helping us raise over $650.00 for our sanctuary!

Thank you for making such an amazing difference in the lives of our rescued ducks and geese by sharing photos of your very own special feathered friends with the world!

Thank You, Judges!

After 3 hours of judging, we would like to extend a special "Thank You!" to all of our Poppa Mallard Day judges. We know it wasn't easy picking winners when there were so many amazing contestants! Thank you so much for your tireless efforts!

And for all their hard work... sometimes it's a good idea to stop and play a good game of Drinking Duck Sorry!


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