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"Ducks and geese are highly emotional, sensitive, and personable creatures. They deserve to be pampered in happy surroundings. Please support the superb work of the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary."

-- Bob Tarte, Author of "Enslaved by Ducks"


"Please support the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary in their selfless efforts to educate the public and provide necessary care to prevent God's awesome creatures from meeting a tragic end." -- Marcia Croce Martin, Author of "Bandy"

"Thank you so much. Not only are you helping all those little ducks and geese out there, but you're helping people like me too. My husband, who has had a really hard time dealing with the loss of our goose Pearl, said this to me when he read your article: "Pearl is immortalized now." With those few words I started to see him mend thanks to you. You're a godsend in all that you do." -- Michelle Muellers, in response to our newsletter article on Pearl.

"I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for all your help in finding a perfect home for my ducks. During a time of uncertainty and need, I have discovered a wonderful, supportive, ring of bird lovers...and I can't thank you enough. Fortunately I have found the perfect spot for my ducks ( big lake included), and my ducky-sitter said I can have them back when I return!! All of your kind offers, time, and effort are very much appreciated. Thank you again." -- Karrie Noterman

"I cannot thank Kim, Eric and Glynis enough for helping me and for giving Donnie a good home. All of you were life-savers, literally!!" -- Donna McDonald

"Thank you for the information on the egg binding in your newsletter. I was able to recognize the signs and get my duck Pudding to the vet in time. I brought her in with the printout from your newsletter. She did indeed have an egg caught up inside her. They removed it, and she is recovering." -- Jean Bowden, Cape Cod, MA.

"Just wanted to send you some updated photos of Louise. She is almost as big as her daddy, Boots. Boots is in heaven! He loves to watch his "girls" through the fence as they swim in their pool. He waddles back and forth along the fence to "talk" to them. He and Louise have very interesting conversations together. When supervised, we let him visit the girls and it is comical. I spend hours just watching them interact. I am so glad we adopted him. He has added so much to our farm." --Arlene Remus and Michael Granatell of Evergreen Farm, West Milford, NJ

"You're doing an incredible job with Tutter... especially when this is only one of a large number who need care and attention.  Kim, I don't know where you find the energy to be a full time mom, wife, wage earner, housekeep, and still do so much for the ducks and geese.  You're just incredible!" --Caroline Lee

"Just wanted to let you know about what has gone on with our female goose, Wilma, and her chewed feet. The vet had said she might be doing it to herself. We then caught Fred grabbing her feet while they were in the pool to keep her in... You suggested toys, and it has been a great help! Thank you so much. They flip the balls around and like you said, I put water in some plastic cups and they have a good time." --Kathy


"Kim and Tony, without your help, patience, guidance and assistance we would never have caught Domino, and he would not be in your safe keeping today without your expertise and advice. I personally want to thank you for the education I received from you with regards to waterfowl.  I learned alot in the few months you worked with me trying to capture Domino. And when it came down to the wire, you were able to come out and we were finally able to capture Domino before the weather got too cold. I thank you for saving his life. If not for your sanctuary, he would have perished over this winter. Even after the capture, I was further impressed that Majestic did the follow up with the Coventry School that did the hatching program to try and prevent this from happening again in the future. You are truly angels for waterfowl in need. God Bless You for all you do. " --Lori Allard

I would like to take a moment to send a heartfelt thank you to Kim and Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary. I finally have my little farm, or as I call it “my little piece of heaven on earth” in Harwich, MA. I have always loved waterfowl. I went on Pet Finder and fell in love with Angelo and Tutter, two geese. At that time I had no idea, how much Kim and all the supporters had invested in Tutter, when I found out I was truly honored that she has allowed us to adopt them along with two female Pekin ducks. They are a huge part of my family now along with a gorgeous Sebastopol goose named Madamoiselle Fifi. Kim’s continued support after the adoptions has been such a comfort as is knowing she is always available to answer questions and help in any way. Please support them in any way possible as I always say to her “she is an angel walking among us” because of her unselfish care and devotion to these wonderful creatures. --Sue Atherton

"I would like express my thanks and gratitude to Kim Link and everyone involved with Majestic Waterfowl for the amazing sanctuary they have created.  After seeing Majestic for myself, I consider this the ultimate paradise for ducks and geese.  Along with several friends, I have been looking out for abandoned domestic ducks and geese in several areas for years, unable to find suitable homes for most of them.  Among them, we were regularly visiting Benny, a Pekin duck with a severe limp, and his two friends, Hal and Sharon.  Benny then tragically lost both of his companions in a period of two days, and we became desperate to help him.  We watched him become depressed, sick, and increasingly disabled, and when we finally found out about Majestic and brought him there, he was apparently very close to death.  After receiving extraordinary care—both medical and emotionally supportive--he is now living a safe and happy life in beautiful surroundings, inseparable from his new companion, and doing better physically than anyone could have ever predicted.  I can never thank Majestic enough.  I am no longer losing sleep worrying about Benny.  For this, and everything else they are doing for these animals, I am forever grateful."         --Julie Laub



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