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Waterfowl Forums

Bird Central
Website of forums for birds of all kinds.
Ducksducksducks (Yahoo Groups)
For people who keep ducks for breeding, exhibition or as pets to exchange ideas, tips, experiences and to ask questions on feed, health, breeds, breeding, behavior, housing, ducklings just about anything to do with ducks (NOT as food).
GeeseAsPets (Yahoo Groups)
This group is for people who have, or desire, domestic geese as pets. Exchange information and stories about our favorite birds.
Homesteading Today Poultry Forum
"Neighborly help and thoughtful discussion." Well-behaved fast moving forum.
Pet Duck Association (PDA) (Yahoo Groups)
The Pet Duck Association (PDA) unifies people who keep ducks as indoor house pets. Discuss care, diet, health, and of course information specific to indoor ducks - like duck diapers! Since there is little published on this subject, the PDA brings people's experiences together to share tips, advice, stories, and photos.
Pet Ducks R Us (Yahoo Groups)
If you are interested in pet ducks, or have one or thinking of getting one this is the group to join.
The Poultry Connection - General Waterfowl Forum
Good place for obtaining basic information on waterfowl care, diseases, and breeding. Registration required.
Waterfowl Forum at The Coop
Well-designed forum. Registration required.
Waterfowl Forum Meeting Place
Great place to meet waterfowl lovers and discuss just about anything waterfowl related. Registration required.



















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