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Issue 106 October 2013

In This Issue:

 Custom Designed Mini Tins!
UK Feed Options
Thank you F.A.W.S.!
Feeling Better Now!
  The Month in Photos!
  Majestic Sponsorship

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Thank You, F.A.W.S.!

Kim wishes to extend a special "Thank You!" to Jenn & Mike Garey at Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary in Tennessee for their recent hospitality!

"Meeting Buttercup and seeing his custom designed prosthetic leg has given us new hope for future rescues.  And of course, seeing Mac again was worth its weight in gold!

Thank you for taking such good care of Mac, Fanny, Dutch & Pickles and we're so happy they inspired you to open your own sanctuary--helping SO MANY others like them!

You are amazing people and you have become such dear friends of ours. We're overjoyed to have your family (and your extended duck & goose family) in our lives!

Thank you!


P.S. To my ducky friends Mary & Vivian from Louisiana: 

"Thank you for driving up to meet us at FAWS in TN! The more the merrier!

Mary, you have always been a true source of reassurance and FUN to me! A long-time supporter of our endeavor, but more-so, a dear, dear friend. Thank you for always being there--during the hard times as well as the good. 


Feeling Better Now!

Happy recovery, Crackers Duck!

The Month in Photos!

1st Nap...

2nd Nap...

3rd Nap... (with stretch...)

Swimming right...

Swimming left...

Swimming closer...

And swimming away...

Marvin swims on his new pond!

Bonita Panchita!

Pastel... Such a darling...

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Custom Designed Mini Tins!

From October 1st - November 24th we will be offering CUSTOM mini tin gifts in exchange for your donations! This is a LIMITED TIME offer and a thoughtful holiday idea for the waterfowl lover in your life!

Details:  Each Mini Tin measures 3 ¾" x 2 ½" and we will ship them for FREE anywhere in the continental U.S.*

Caution: While these darling tins fit into just about any purse, many of the small pieces inside have even tinier magnets to hold them in place, which means these tins are NOT intended for young children.

Please note: These are handmade items. Colors/styles will absolutely vary from photos and from tin to tin! No two are alike!


Game: Prepare your waterfowl sanctuary for operation and then be the first to rescue some abandoned ducks or geese! The top half of this mini tin is a board game, while the bottom half features a beautiful, little playscape!  

Tin includes:  Two bags of feed, two mini duck/goose guidebooks, two bails of hay, two pet carriers, one itsy-bitsy dice and two custom painted ducks/geese!


We can paint all sorts of ducks: Appleyard, Mallard, Pekin, Khaki Campbell, Cayuga, Saxony, Muscovy, Swede, Rouen, Buff Orpington, Runner, Ancona, Magpie AND all kinds of geese:  Toulouse, Embden, Chinese, Buff, Saddleback, Pomeranian. We can even make them crested (white poms only)! You can choose two ducks, two geese or one duck & one goose!

You will also receive a mini game instruction booklet with a first page that reads:
A Majestic Donation has been made on your behalf!
Happy Holidays (name)! 

To get your Customized mini tin:

1) Donate $25.00 to Majestic. 
2) Type:  "Custom Mini Tin" in the comments.
2) Type either: "Duck Game" OR "Goose Game."
3) Tell us how to custom paint ducks/geese (remember to include genders).*
4) Email us ONE photo as an ATTACHMENT (paperclip it) for your tin cover.**
5) Allow 2 weeks for construction + a little additional time for shipping.

To view more of our mini tins, please Click Here.

*Some breeds are different in color depending on their gender. For example, if you want a Mallard duck be sure to be specify Male or Female. Equally, Muscovy males have more red coloration on their faces than females. Please be clear in telling us what you want, so we can get it just right for you!

**Tins are rectangular in nature. For the nicest fit, select a photo that will work with this in mind. The best photos are oriented horizontally rather than vertically.

UK Feed Options

A few months ago we received an email from Sarah in the UK asking about quality feed options for her special needs duck Sammy. We gave her the names of a few feed companies in her area and asked her to let us know how she made out in her research. Here are the results:

Mazuri Europe

Mazuri® Waterfowl Starter (0-7 weeks)
Mazuri® Waterfowl Maintenance (8 weeks and up)
Mazuri® Waterfowl Breeder  (mature laying hens)

Additional info:  Mazuri has a manufacturing facility in Essex, England, which specializes in producing high quality exotic animal diets that are guaranteed drug free. Their team of nutritional and technical staff has animal management experience and qualifications that help them to understand their customers' needs and advise them accurately and professionally. Mazuri is always searching for the best raw materials to improve palatability, shelf life and nutritional availability.

Their raw materials are picked from reliable quality sources. Their premixes are made on site and their two production lines produce expanded and pelleted diets. The plant in Essex is completely drug free, which means that their diets are guaranteed to be free from any non-nutrient contaminants that can be harmful to many exotic species.

For more information: http://www.mazuri.eu/mazuri.html

Small Holder Range

Small Holder Range Goose & Duck Starter Crumbs (0-7 weeks)
Small Holder Range Goose & Duck Grower and Finisher Pellets (8 weeks and up)
Small Holder Range Ornamental Poultry Pellets* (8 weeks and up)
Small Holder Range Goose & Duck Breeder Pellets (mature laying hens)
Small Holder Range Breeder & Show (mature laying hens)

*Small Holder Range Ornamental Poultry Pellets are an ideal feed option for mature waterfowl. Perfect for birds that are kept for pleasure. 

Additional info:  Small Holder Range is an innovative, family owned, national company with four generations of experience. Using only the very finest ingredients, the Small Holder Range provides well balanced feeds designed for animals being raised more naturally. They pride themselves on making natural feed without, artificial growth promoters or artificial yolk pigmenters. Their mill is totally drug free - no antibiotics, cocciostats or growth promoters.

All feeds in the Small Holder Range are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are free from animal by-products. They only select the highest quality vegetable oils and the vitamins they use are not covered in the traditional gelatin coating. Only products formulated without genetically modified ingredients are approved by the Vegetarian Society.    

For more information:  http://www.smallholderfeed.co.uk/

Fenland / Fancy Feed Company

Fancy Feed Chick Crumb (0-7 weeks)
Fancy Feed Fenland Waterfowl Pellets (8 weeks and up)
Fancy Feed Breeder & Show Pellets (mature laying hens)

Additional info:  The Fancy Feed Company is family owned and run and dedicated to producing well balanced, nutritious animal and poultry feeds from natural ingredients.  Where possible, they source these locally and all are non-GM and “Identity Preserved," which means they are kept segregated from any potential GM contaminants at all times and are subject to a rigorous documented audit trail to ensure traceability to source.

What is equally important is the quality of nutrients provided by these ingredients, so all are carefully selected and combined according to scientifically researched formulations to provide the optimum nutritional balance. Their UFAS-accredited mill works to strict quality standards and production technology is constantly updated to ensure they make the most of all the raw materials. 

For more information:  http://www.fancyfeedcompany.co.uk/index.htm

The Organic Feed Company

Organic Feed Baby Chick Crumbs  (0-7 weeks)
Organic Feed Grower Finisher Pellets (8 weeks and up)
Organic Feed Layers Pellets (mature laying hens)

Additional info:  The Organic Feed Company is a family run business that aims to provide customers with the healthiest organic feeds possible. Made with 100% organically grown ingredients and with absolutely no synthetic ingredients such as artificially manufactured vitamins and amino acids. They produce simple, natural animal feed made from only the highest quality, organic ingredients.

They use only the finest ingredients to produce their nutritious feeds. Furthermore, every product carries full Soil Association approval, ensuring quality and traceability throughout. They also work alongside the Vegetarian Society and their full range of products have been formulated with absolutely no synthetic ingredients, ensuring the use of chemical free products at every stage.

For more information: http://www.organicfeed.co.uk/


Garvo Waterfowl Starter Mini Pellets #805  (0-7 weeks)
Garvo Duck Starter/Grower Pellets #832 (8 weeks and up)
Garvo Duck & Goose Pellets  #831 (8 weeks and up)
arvo Waterfowl Condition/Show Pellets #816 (8 weeks and up)
Garvo Waterfowl Breeder Pellets #803 (mature laying hens)
arvo Waterfowl Floating Pellets #4222 (8 weeks and up)

Additional info:  To make quality feed, you need good ingredients. To guarantee proper quality Garvo not only looks at the Dutch market, but they also want to know the growers of their grains and seeds personally. Every year they visit French, German and Dutch farmers who grow their maize, wheat, barley and peas for them. For Garvo it is important that crops are grown in harmony with nature and are fertilized the proper way. Only then can a crop grow healthily.

For more information (and dealer locator): http://www.garvo.co.uk/

After communicating with many of these companies, Sarah decided upon the Fenland Fancy Feed diet for Sammy. Not only do they offer a quality product well-suited for waterfowl, but she also found their customer service quite impressive; they even sent Sammy a free sample to try out for himself! Apparently he approved!

Thank you Sarah & Sammy in the UK!

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