Mary L. Gentry
In Memory of Elijah & Benny and Support of Rilo & Ranger!

Joyce Mays
In Memory of Ashton & in support of Mercy & Piper

Melissa Meek
In Support of Laddy & WeeBit!

Melissa Meek
In Support of Teaspoon!

Julie Laub
In Memory of Benny...

The Clover Family
In Support of all those with special needs!

Laurie Valero
In Memory of Cheesy Duck,
I did not make a difference... Cheesy did...

In support of Lil Ms. Bee & in Memory of Bea Langelier

Jonathan Trotta
In support of LeeLoo

Daria Avery
In Memory of Pooh Duck
And in support of Shorty, Sunny & Lolly

Renee Garlock
In Honor of Wallys everywhere!
And in support of Marvin & Lil Ms. Bee

Kimberly Trueman
In Support of Moose--Our beloved duck!

Jack Moulton
In Support of Miracle & all the ducks!

Nicole Schirmer
In Support of Moose!



Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary 2005