Mary L. Gentry
In Memory of Elijah & Benny and Support of Rilo & Ranger!

Joyce Mays
In Memory of Ashton & in support of Mercy & Piper

Melissa Meek
In Support of Laddy & WeeBit!

Melissa Meek
In Support of Teaspoon!

Julie Laub
In Memory of Benny...

The Clover Family
In Support of all those with special needs!

Deb Peretti
In Support of Oz
And in memory of my beloved Bernie bunny

Laurie Valero
In Memory of Cheesy Duck,
I did not make a difference... Cheesy did...

In support of Lil Ms. Bee & in Memory of Bea Langelier

Kimberly Trueman
In Support of Moose

Margaret Davis
In Support of Ellie

Heather Lang
In Support of Sweet Little Ellie Bug

The O'Donnell Family
In Support of The Pom Pom Gang!

Natalie Stefaniak
In Support of Ducks & Geese
Including Moose & Ruby!

In Support of Lincoln!

Devyn Warner
In Support of Moose
And in Honor of your Birthday!

Mika S.
In Support of Daisy-Siete "17"

Michelle Hoch
In Support of Jabberwocky & Yolanda
And in Memory of the little boiby duckling on the exit ramp of meadowbrook parkway.

Amanda Ann Larson
In Support of Jabberwocky & Yolanda
With love from the ducks and geese of Garden Fairy Farm!

Geri Kaluzny Sikorski
In Support of Sweety-Sunny, Lolly & Shorty
In Memory of Paulie and Sunshine, Love you always...

Happy Birthday, Owen Addington!
In Support of LeeLoo
In Honor of Owen on his birthday!

Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary 2005