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Adoption FAQ

10 Reasons to Adopt a Majestic Duck or Goose

We do our best to make your adoption worry free…


1. Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary quarantines our waterfowl for a minimum of 14 days before allowing them to co-mingle with our existing flock or listing them available for adoption.

2. Fecal exams are performed on all incoming waterfowl to ensure your new family member is parasite free. Random fecal tests are also done periodically to ensure the continued health of our rescues. In addition, all ducks and geese are given a precautionary delousing treatment within 24 hours of arriving at our sanctuary and a second treatment on their 14th day here.

3. We take bio-security very seriously and utilize vet-recommended Virkon S as a safe disinfecting solution in our pens.

4. In order to maintain Connecticut’s strict level of bio-security, all waterfowl arriving from out-of-state locations have tested negative for Avian Influenza (H5 & H7 strains) prior to entry into our sanctuary, per the guidance of our State Vet.

We get our waterfowl off to the best start…

5. We work with an experienced, certified veterinarian to ensure that any waterfowl needing medical attention or precursory exams get that attention within a day of their arrival. We keep medical records for all of our waterfowl and will provide copies to adopters upon request.

6. Our ducks and geese are all maintained on a diet of fresh, top-of-the-line Mazuri Waterfowl brand-name feed. Healthy greens are supplemented in colder seasons.

7. Our private grounds are kept clean and safe. Our enclosures resemble habitats and ensure serene and comfortable conditions for all of our waterfowl. Calm, stress-free birds are more adaptable to new situations, making transitions to your family easier on them and on you.

We provide post-adoption support…

8. We distribute a monthly informational newsletter that addresses common flock issues

9. We provide free post-adoption assistance and support. We respond to most inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.

10. We will take back any of our adopted waterfowl without question, should your situation change or should the adoption not work out for any reason.

And coming soon--reason # 11 !

11. Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary will soon be prepared to offer duck and goose-sitting services. Those families who adopt their birds from us will receive a deposit-free contract and discounted rates when they need a sitter.








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