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Please review the below list of topics covered on this page of our website to see if there is section that pertains to your situation. If so, click on it to review directions, resources and/or links provided for you:

Wild Waterfowl Rescue (Mallard Ducks, Swans, Canada Geese, etc.)
Non-Flying Domestic Waterfowl Rescue
(Local to Connecticut)
Rescuing Non-Flying Domestic Waterfowl In Your Area
(Outside of Connecticut)
Utilizing Majestic's Facebook Page to Help You Find Help in Your Area
Surrendering a Pet Duck or Goose to Majestic
Medical Emergencies
School Hatching Programs & Ducklings
Pen-Building Materials & Supplies
(Links to Diagrams)
Start Your Own Sanctuary
(How-to Information)
Educational/School Research Project
(Information for Students)
Adoption Inquiries
Joining our E-List
(Receive our Monthly Newsletters)
Updating Your Email Address
(For existing E-list members)
Phone Calls to Majestic
The Ultimate Pet Duck & Goose Guidebooks
Helpful Information Right At Your Fingertips
(Quick Answers to FAQs)
Questions About YOUR Pet Duck or Goose
(Not Covered Above)

If none of the above-listed topics relates to your situation, click on CONTACT FORM to jump down to the bottom of this page.


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Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary, 17 Barker Road, Lebanon Connecticut 06249





Sorry, but we are NOT licensed and cannot legally handle any wild waterfowl. This includes Mallard Ducks, Canada Geese and Swans (among others).

If you need assistance with a wild duck, goose or swan, please contact your local veterinarians for the names of certified wildlife rehabbers in your area.

You can can also click here: Wild Rescue Links or here: CT Wildlife Rehabbers for help.

Click here for a Wildlife Rehabilitator State-By-State Listing. THEN... Click on "Emergency." Then on "Find Rehabilitator." Complete the form for a listing of certified rehabbers near you.  Please remember to donate to them for helping!


Please note: A duck or goose who needs rescuing is a bird that is NOT yet in your custody. Any waterfowl already in your care, no matter the circumstance, is considered an Owner Surrender.

We are located in Connecticut. If you need to contact us about a domestic (non-flying) duck or goose in our area who needs help, please click on:  Rescue Information and use the Rescue Form to contact us. This form will tell us everything we need to know in order to determine whether or not we can assist the animals in question.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to space limitations, we are normally managing waiting lists, topped with those ducks and geese in the most life-threatening danger. Because drakes (male ducks) tend to fight with one another, we can only place one boy in most of our pens. This means, we can help abandoned female ducks more often than male ducks. Males or male/female pairs often have to be added to our waiting list until adoptions make way for newcomers to arrive.

Thank you.




If you are outside of Connecticut and trying to assist abandoned domestic ducks or geese in your area click on Rescue FAQs for the answers to commonly asked questions prior to contacting us for information. If you still have questions or need advice, please feel free to contact us for assistance!


Visit us on Facebook!


Sorry... We've been so busy helping everyone else find new homes for their ducks and geese, that our own rescues have been overlooked for adoption. It's time for us to re-focus on finding loving homes for our own feathered family. Until we experience an increase in Majestic adoptions again, we will no longer be offering this service.

We get emails from all over the U.S.A. requesting our help finding homes for abandoned domestic ducks and geese outside of Connecticut. More often than not, people who contact us for help disappear as soon as we connect them with interested adopters. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating for us, extremely disappointing for the families, and it makes our sanctuary looking like we dropped the ball--and we can't have that! So... if you are looking for help placing an abandoned duck or goose in your area via our Facebook page, you need to be open to the following:

1. Email us to request our assistance. Be sure to include your full name, complete address, phone number and email address. If you don't include this basic information upfront, we will assume your request is not serious.

2. Embed a clear, bright and close-up photo of the abandoned ducks/geese in this email. Please do NOT send photos as attachments because for virus protection reasons, we won't open them. Please don't contact us for help until you can include a good photo or photos of the ducks/geese who need help.

3. Let us know the Gender of any ducks/geese needing to be placed. We can't find homes for waterfowl without knowing whether they're males or females. If you need help, please let us know.

4. Let us know any background information you may have about the ducks/geese; for example, how long have they been there? Are you sure no one owns them? Do you know how they ended up there? Do they have any apparent injuries/disabilities? Is the location extremely dangerous? If so, what are the immediate threats?

5. You must be willing and able to Catch the ducks/geese by yourself.

6. You should be open to drive at least halfway to bring the ducks/geese to the new family that you select.

7. You must have an active Facebook account. We will be posting your photo of the ducks/geese on our Majestic Facebook page(s). This post will include the city/state where the ducks/geese are located as well as your contact information, which will include  your full, real name. In addition we will be hyperlinking your own Facebook page to the post itself.

8. You must check the post on our Facebook page at least twice every 24 hours for responses for the first 5 days. In addition, you must reply to anyone asking questions or offering adoption assistance within 12 hours. If you fail to do so, we will assume you're not serious and immediately take down the post to avoid lifting up the hopes of a potential adopter.

This procedure is designed to safeguard the time and hearts of potential adopting families while also preserving the good name of our sanctuary. When you don't respond, we look bad.

9. You understand and agree that Majestic is posting the homeless and abandoned ducks/geese as a courtesy to you and we are not responsible or liable in any way for any outcomes that may arise as a result.

10. Make a minimum $5.00 donation to Majestic for our time/services, regardless of whether or not a home/help is found.

11. You must screen potential adopting families yourself. Sorry, Majestic cannot screen potential homes for you.

Questions you can ask:

a. Do they have a predator poof pen and safe shelter? Ask for photos! AVOID free-range homes at all costs. Ducks and geese belong inside nice pens where they'll be safe.

b. Are they planning to feed the duck/goose brand name Waterfowl Feed?

c. Will the ducks/geese have a kiddy pool, preformed pond, or some other swimming option in their duck pen?

d. If you are placing a duck, do they have at least one other duck? Do they have proper male to female ratios. Ideally (and to prevent males from fighting), they should have one male for every 2-4 females; the more males they have the more females per male you want them to have.

e. If you are placing a goose, do they have at least one other goose (geese do best in balanced flocks of males and females, so be sure they're close to this ratio).

f. Do they have a Waterfowl Vet and are they willing and able to provide proper vet care?

If we can find a home, it will usually occur within 5 days of the posting. If we don't find a new home within this period of time (which is not uncommon) we probably won't be able to. However, if you want to provide new photos, we can re-post the ducks/geese again for another $5.00 donation.

SURRENDERING A PET (Including ANY duck or goose in your custody)

If you are contacting us to surrender your pet domestic duck or goose, please click Owner Surrender to review vital information and to complete our online Owner Surrender form. This includes any duck or goose in your custody, for any reason, even those that have been rescued.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are usually managing waiting lists, topped with ducks and geese in life-threatening danger. This means, we rarely take in owner surrenders, UNLESS they are healthy and adoptable females. When we do accept owner surrenders into our sanctuary, it's important to understand that due to space limitations, we never take more than two birds from any one home. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate large flocks.

Thank you.


Please understand, we are not veterinarians. If you contact us regarding a medical situation regarding your pet duck or goose, we are going to advise you to contact a vet for assistance. Visit our Vet Finder if you need help finding a vet who handles waterfowl in your area.

Some helpful medical articles can be found Here, or you can click to visit our Diagnostic Chart, but neither are a substitute for quality vet care.


We get quite a few requests to take in ducklings from school hatching projects. Please understand our unwavering position regarding this matter:

It is against our mission statement to perpetuate the cycle of waterfowl abandonment. This means we cannot give teachers a means of disposing of their unwanted classroom-hatched ducklings without repercussion. To do so would risk future repeat offenses leading to more homeless ducklings. For this reason, we won’t even consider taking in classroom-hatched ducklings unless:

1) There are only 1-2 ducklings involved (we simply cannot accommodate any more than two ducklings).

2) We have enough room in our sanctuary for the ducklings.

3) The person contacting us for help (YOU!) is willing to confront the teacher and school system in a professional manner to help put a stop to their Irresponsible Hatching Program and Sample Letter.

4) The person contacting us for help (YOU again!) needs to provide us with the name, phone number and mailing address of the school where the ducklings were hatched, along with the full names of the teacher, science chair person, principal and school superintendant. In more severe cases (involving animal neglect or abuse) we may also require the name & address of the Animal Control Officer functioning in the municipality of the school.

We will use this information to follow your official protest to the teacher & school with a Letter of our own to punctuate your efforts.

The bottom line in reference to school hatching programs is YOU need to be willing to step up and put a stop to the problem, so we can step in and help out too.


Want to know what products work for us? Take a peek at our Wish List and Pen Building pages to see the common items, supplies and building materials we use around our sanctuary.


We are occasionally contacted by people who are interested in opening their own waterfowl sanctuary. For general information/advice of this nature, please click on  Sanctuary Start-Up FAQs.


We receive quite a few requests asking us to participate in educational / school research projects regarding our sanctuary as a business operation. Before contacting us for assistance with a project interview, please click on  School Research Projects.


Our Adoption Profiles are ALWAYS up to date! If you see birds listed as adoptable, then they are here and waiting for their new home.

If you are interested in adopting our waterfowl, or have a question about adopting, please review our Adoption FAQ to learn more about our requirements.

Interested adopters will need to complete our online Adoption Application.


You too can receive our monthly newsletters. Visit our Elist Page for more information and then follow the simple instructions!


Need to update your new email address with us, so you can continue receiving our monthly newsletters? It's easy!

1. Visit our Elist Page.

2. Enter your name & OLD email address, then bullet:  "Remove me from the email list" and click on the "Remove Me" button.

3. Hit your browser's back arrow to return to our Elist Page again.

4. Enter your name & NEW email address then bullet: "Add me to the email list" and click on the "Add Me" button.


Sorry, no phone calls please...

We don't list our telephone number on this website because our sanctuary doesn't have a phone line, or the staffing available to handle calls even if we did have one. 

Unfortunately, phone calls to the Link family's private residence proved itself very disruptive in the past and had to be taken down, so they could enjoy a bit of quiet time with their family.

We're sure you'll soon agree that getting in touch with us via email, using our website's Contact Form, is the most practical and time-efficient means of receiving a helpful, same-day response. This direct approach enables us to give you thorough and detailed replies that often include helpful hyperlinks, articles, diagrams, photographs and/or other useful information, which we simply can't give you over the phone.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but Kim is our only fulltime volunteer and we keep her EXTREMELY BUSY. She sets aside specific times to manage emails, website updates, Quickbooks entries and various other vital computer tasks, which she tends to do all at once (you should see all the windows she has open on her computer!). As you can imagine, all this multitasking requires a great deal of concentration and is more easily accomplished without the interruption of phone calls.

If you plan to use our Contact Form to request a phone call, please keep in mind, because of time constraints, Kim is usually only humanly able to return calls to:

We ONLY return calls to:

1. Animal Control Officers, Police Officers, Firefighters & Veterinarians.

2. Humane Society & SPCA personnel & other confirmed rescue shelters.

3. Families who have Adopted ducks or geese from us and need related advice.

4. Waterfowl rescuers with an established & standing relationship with us.

Thank you for your understanding!


Containing over 400 pages of information, including more than 150 full color photos, diagrams and inspiring anecdotes, these guidebooks hold the answers to every question Majestic has ever been asked about how to properly care and provide for pet ducks and geese. These beautiful guides are simply a MUST for any family that includes a pet duck or goose! (also available in B&W)


Click Here for more information and to order!

*Please do NOT send book orders or payments directly to Majestic!


Have you checked our Newsletter Archives? We publish a monthly newsletter with vital health information you won't find anywhere else. The answers to most waterfowl concerns can be found in these archives, so please check here first before contacting us. Links to helpful medical articles can also be found here:  Helpful Care & Medical Articles.

You can also SCROLL UP and type key words into our "search this website" feature.




MAJESTIC ADOPTERS: All of our adopting families who have any of our Majestic ducks or geese currently in your custody are ALWAYS welcome to FREE around-the-clock advice regarding any of your feathered friends. You are our top priority! Email us directly, or use the Contact Form below to get in touch with us (or call if you have an emergency).



Kim is Our Volunteer, Not Yours! Kim is our President and Director, responsible for nearly all day-to-day sanctuary operations including animal care, pen maintenance, pen building, vet appointments, supply ordering, fundraising, rescuing, adoptions, website maintenance, PR, bookkeeping and much, MUCH more. She has an extremely heavy workload (in addition to a family and a writing career).

While we are a non-profit sanctuary and Kim does not draw any kind of salary or benfefits for her work here (aside from ducky hugs!), this does NOT mean that she is available to volunteer for YOU.

As much as she wants to help, Kim is neither your personal research assistant, nor a substitute for quality vet care. Our rescued ducks and geese require her for far more important tasks than copying and pasting readily available information from our website (or her book) into emails in response to questions.

Read and Research First, Ask Brief Questions Next!  It's easy to tell who's done their homework before contacting us. Kim can instantly spot an email from someone who has carefully sifted through our archived newsletters (or read her book) from those who haven't. Instead of general emails that ask questions like:  "My duck has aspergillosis what do I do?" they tend to be more precise:  "My duck has asper and I'm wondering which of the three treatment options is more budget friendly."  Considering Kim's time constraints, the second question is a far more reasonable one.

Avoid Going On... and On... and On... Please refrain from submitting extensive emails, loaded with paragraphs upon paragraphs of long stories, multiple part questions and hypothetical inquries. This information would be best passed along and handled by your own waterfowl veterinarian. If you want a little help, then be precise and concise. Provide the basic facts, keep it brief and then ask a straight-forward question.

Always Give Back! Please don't come to Kim looking for free advice because you want to avoid paying a qualified vet. If Kim answers a quick question for you, donate a little something to help our rescues--a prompt $5.00-$10.00 gift is the perfect thank you for her efforts. If you can see she spent some real time on her response, or has emailed you multiple times, than bump up your gift to show your appreciation for her efforts.

Have A More Involved Situation? Let's say you've read Kim's book, perused our online newsletters, have taken your duck or goose to a qualified waterfowl vet and are still looking for some informed guidance. Sometimes the kind of help you're looking for is more involved. If you need this sort of help, send Kim a concise email regarding your situation and ask if she's available for a consultation. Expect her to ask you for a reasonable donation to our sanctuary as your way of thanking her BEFORE the process begins. REMEMBER:  Kim is NOT a veterinarian and she has no hands-on experience with your duck or goose. She can only offer advice based on what limited information you provide and on her own experiences. There are no guarantees and any donations are non-refundable.

We WILL Remember You!  Kim is here for our rescued waterfowl, but she adores ducks and geese everywhere and wants to help other Momma & Poppa Ducks whenever she can. This does not mean you should take advantage of her compassion. When our MWS Staff sees inquiries rolling in from people who've already taken up Kim's time and NOT donated to asssit our rescues, we remember. If you're not going to share your resources, please don't expect us to share ours.



Still didn't find what you're looking for?

Please complete the form below and then click the "Submit" button for all other general inquiries. We normally review all emails for the day between 2:00 - 7:00 pm EST and try to respond to everyone we can at that time (or within 24 hours for more involved or less urgent inquiries). Occasionally, sanctuary priorities may cause delays.

Your Name:
Your Email Address:

Didn't hear back from us within 24 hours? You probably gave us an invalid email address and we're unable to respond to you, OR your spam block is on and our reply is in your "Junk Email" bin.

Your Waterfowl Question:

WAIT! Have a medical question about your pet duck or goose?

Please understand, we are not veterinarians.  If you contact us regarding a medical situation regarding your pet duck or goose, we are going to advise you to contact a vet for assistance. Visit our Vet Finder if you need help finding a vet who handles waterfowl in your area.

If you've already taken your pet to the vet and want some help reviewing your options based on our own experiences, you can start by reading the following Articles, or you can click to visit our Diagnostic Chart, but neither of these are a substitute for quality vet care.

If you need further assistance, you can also check out Kim's best-selling Ultimate Pet Duck & Goose Guidebooks, each of which have very detailed medical chapters.

Free Advice?

Kim, our President and Director, is responsible for nearly all day-to-day sanctuary functions including animal care, pen maintenance, vet appointments, supply ordering, fundraising, rescuing, adoptions, website maintenance, PR, bookkeeping and much, MUCH more.

While we are a non-profit sanctuary and she does not draw any kind of salary or benefits for her work here (aside from ducky hugs!), this does not mean that she is available to work for free for YOU.

If you are interested in a personal consultation session (via email) with Kim regarding your pet duck or goose, please be prepared when we request an upfront donation to our sanctuary to compensate her for her time away from our rescues. Thank you for your understanding!




Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee in connection with any guidance provided on this website. Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for loss or damage resulting from its use or for the violation of any federal, state or municipal law or regulation with which such guidance may conflict. Any guidance is general in nature. In addition, the assistance of a qualified professional should be enlisted to address any specific circumstances.

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