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Majestic Custom Wooden Signs!

Kim will custom paint a handmade sign just for you to raise funds for our sanctuary. Signs measure approximately:  16" x 3.5" (unless otherwise indicated) and include a simple mounting kit.

Unless otherwise noted, signs are given away in exchange for a $40.00 donation to our sanctuary, which includes shipping.

If you see a sign you like, please contact us to reserve it (first come, first serve basis).

Once we confirm you're first in line for purchasing, you will be given the opportunity to have a name or words custom painted onto your sign. We have over thirty color options available for letters, so we can accommodate most requests (one color choice per sign please). 

Up to ten handpainted letters are included with the sign (not counting spaces). Additional letters (not many more will fit) will likely require two lines of text and a $1.00 extra donation per letter.

Once these decisions are finalized, we will request your donation.

Your donation must be received within 10 days, or the sign will be relisted as "available."

Once your donation arrives, we will custom paint the name of your choice onto your sign for you. Please note:  Names will be painted EXACTLY as ordered in all capital letters. Please double-check your spelling and spacing. 

Please note: Signs are not poly-coated.

This is for our ducks and geese, so no returns, exchanges or refunds (unless damaged in shipping, in which case email notification and photo verification of damaged sign and packaging will be required within 24 hours of delivery).

SUPER Custom Signs

Muscovy Strutting Sign $35 Donation --No longer available!

Cayuga Preening Sign $35







Interested in this sign? Contact Us!

Pekin Stretching Sign $35    --No longer available!

Khaki Campbell Sign $35   --No longer available!


SUPER Customized Signs!

If you would like a custom painting of your duck, ducks, goose or geese, we will need emailed photographs for reference. The best photos are clear, bright and include your entire duck or goose's body in the pose.

Donations for custom work must be received in full. The first painted bird is included in the original $35.00 donation (unless you want a mallard duck* painted, in which case, please add an additional $5.00).

Please donate an extra $10.00 for each additional bird (except for mallard ducks who are an additional $15.00).

As with our other signs, ten painted letters are included with every sign (not counting spaces). Additional letters (not many more will fit) will require a $1.00 extra donation per letter.

Remember: Additional birds and extra lettering take up more space on the sign and may require us to use two lines of text instead of one.

Interested in a SUPER customized sign? Contact Us!

*Due to the time & complexity of painting mallard ducks we ask for an additional $5.00 donation for each bird.


Elmer, Curly, Aflac & Haley



*Sorry... this size/style font is no longer available!

Marvin & PJ




Huey, Thelma & Louise


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