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Waterfowl Products and Fun Things

Aflac the Duck Commercials
At this website you can view Aflac's commercials, including one from Japan.

Air for Pets
Air for Pets is a website with detailed information on how to obtain pet oxygen masks for a fire department, search and rescue team, or animal rescue and rehabilitation group. Pet oxygen masks will fit any size pet -- from the smallest bird (including ducks and geese!) to the largest dog. Pet oxygen masks can be obtained through HELP Animals Inc. in Orange City, Florida.

Bandy: The True Tale of a Courageous Cape Cod Canada Goose
"The friendship that develops between an injured Canada goose and the generous woman who rescues him makes for a tale of mutual trust and courage. Marcia Martin has written a highly entertaining book that every animal enthusiast will love." --Bob Tarte, Author of "Enslaved by Ducks"

Becca's Workshop
Becca's Workshop sells Teddy Bears, Stuffed Animals, Puppets and other cuddly pleasures including a loveable assortment of duck and goose stuffed animals and toys.

Beverley's Goose Hatchery
Blown Goose Eggs available in 7 sizes to meet your needs. Duck, ostrich and other specialty eggs available as well. Ships worldwide.

Bird Central
Wide assortment of Feeders , Houses , Baths , Optics, and Accessories for all kinds of birds, bats, and butterflies.

Bird Toy Outlet
Bird Toy Outlet is a very popular bird toy company that offers safe, durable, mind stimulating bird toys, valuable bird related resources, bird cages, bird food and bird accessories.

Classic Wood Runner Duck Toy
Have you ever been amused by watching a duck waddle or run? Here is a hard-to-find classic push toy duck with a realistic waddle and a unique walking-flapping sound that both fascinates and entertains! Better yet is watching the child who is pushing the duck! Kids of all ages love this toy which is cute at a calm trot, perky clip, or fast run. Your biggest concern may be each child begging for their own personal duck. Available in five color schemes.

Dakota Nesting Structures
Dakota Nesting Structures is the leader in preserving and increasing our waterfowl population with their full line of nesting structures.

Dove Cotes Waterfowl and Poultry Housing

Emily's Gifts
Resin ducks and geese and clothing for all seasons and occasions. Online ordering available.

Goose Closet
Each outfit, designed to fit the 24" plastic goose, includes specially selected fabrics, a creative head wear, specialty buttons, lace, and/ or ribbons to create a whimsical approach to the holidays, the seasons, and special events.

Goose Clothes Galore
"A well-dressed goose is a happy goose" and this is the place to find all the outfits your resin or plastic goose needs.

The Goose's Mother & Father
Website of the famous Goose's Mother Nancy Townsend. If you want to learn about keeping ducks and geese as house pets, this is the place to start. She also sells diaper harnesses, clothing, and her book "Duck! There's a Goose in the House!"

Handmade Duck and Goose Diapers
Dr. Laura Pasten sells unique Gifts and Hard-to-Find Products for Pet Lovers and their Companions on her website including duck and goose diapers and clothing made by The Famous Goose's Mother (Nancy Townsend).

Handicapped Pets
Sometimes, there are alternatives to putting down an injured or elderly dog, cat, or other pet. This site is about our best friends and some of those alternatives. Join the thousands of people caring for an elderly, disabled, hurt, or handicapped dog, cat, or other animal.

Just For Fun Flags
Just for Fun Flags sells a number of creative and colorful waterfowl garden banners.

Louis E Page, Inc.
Louis E Page has a wide variety of aviary nets and fencing supplies. They are a valuable resource for families interested on building safe and secure waterfowl pens.

Mazuri Feeds
Mazuri waterfowl feeds are of the highest quality and offer complete nutrition for your ducks and geese throughout their lives. Feeds can be ordered directly from Mazuri from their website or at your local feed store (if they don't have it, ask for it!) Mazuri offers customer service as exceptional as its products.

Mazuri® Waterfowl Starter provides the correct protein level in a high-vitamin diet for newly hatched and adolescent birds. Provides the high nutrient density diet needed to meet rapid growth requirements.

Mazuri® Waterfowl Maintenance has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the vast majority of non-specialist feeding ornamental waterfowl. Gives birds a high-quality, vitamin-enriched diet to keep them in good health.

Mazuri® Waterfowl Breeder contains the correct balance of biologically available nutrients to enhance breeding performance, egg numbers, fecundity and chick viability.

Metzer Farms
Metzer Farms sell books and starter equipment for waterfowl.

Nite Guard
Nite Guard will help protect your valuable birds, waterfowl, and property from destructive nighttime predators.

Old Pond Publishing
Old Pond Publishing Ltd are book and DVD publishers based in Ipswich, Suffolk UK. We offer a wide range of farming books, videos and DVDs for farming enthusiasts, small holders, historians and people interested in trucks and tractors.

P & T Poultry
One stop poultry shop for the sale and purchase of poultry housing equipment. offers quality gifts, collectibles and unique items for duck lovers.

Phipps Country Store and Farm Online
Phipps Country sells a number of duck and goose related items that may be of interest to you including goose kites, duck kites, and blown goose eggs.

Puddler Magazine Online
A wetland wildlife magazine for children up to 11 years of age.

Vionate: The "Miracle Supplement"
Vionate is has been the most popular vitamin and mineral supplement among breeders of quail, pheasants, partridges, grouse and other game birds and waterfowl for decades. Vionate contains 21 vitamins and minerals that are essential for ducks and geese. 

Yates & Company
This website has great pictures of how they built their gorgeous duck house. Take a look!


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