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Majestic Diary

February 8, 2008

We go from one issue into the next. Pulling Tutter out of lameness and watching Elijah go in. both boys have vet appointments on Monday. I am so worried about El. We wanted his legs to last much longer than this, but having been through a serious injury during his time abandoned on Spaulding Pond's rocky shores and a subsequent raccoon attack in his adoptive home before coming back to us...well, they all have taken their toll. I'm hoping our vet will have options. In the meantime, I am losing sleep.

We have had wonderful support for Tutter's treatments and vet appointments, which has truly helped our funds. We just purchased $350 worth of Mazuri grain to get us through the next 8 weeks. we need to buy hay this weekend and then I think we are set on supplies for a while.

Joker & riddles are going to be adopted out tomorrow morning. they have been here so long, those funny little guys. It is wonderful to see them going in to a new home, but also so very depressing. I am going to miss those little guys. bittersweet.

Most families send email us for a while with photographs and then slowly lose touch. We understand everyone's lives are busy and know we have to let go, but it is one of the most difficult parts of rescuing. I always think about them and wonder how they are... and smile... my babies... every one of them.

I wish I had a million dollars and could keep them all.


Tutter stands again (and walks too!) Woo-Hoo!

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