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Majestic Diary

March 31, 2009

I rec'd this email yesterday from Lewy's new Mom:

Hi Kim! I just don't know where to begin about "King Louie"!!!!  I will try to keep this short though!  I just LOVE HIM already!  He fits in so perfectly.  It was truly meant to be that I finally found a goose.  He's definitely the goose for me...I think he likes me a little, which I wasn't daring to hope for!  It's so fun seeing him interact with the other animals!  Later today, we are all going for a walk in the back pasture.    

He was unbelievable on the way pooping, not a peep out of him.  I wondered if he had a heart attack but when we got home he had turned in his crate and was just looking out at me inquisitively.  Then when I put him in his little cordoned off area, the sheep came over to see him and he flapped and hissed a bit.   You could tell the sheep had never seen anything like him either; they just stared in their quiet, little contemplative sheepy way.  Lewy got over it quickly and checked out his house;  I threw the sheep and chickens out into the back pasture and within 1/2 hour took down the plastic barrier; Lewy was nonchalantly strutting around with the ducks, eating, drinking and looking pretty darned content to me.  The Magpies gathered in a corner at one point, conferred and sent Hugh (aka Hewie) as an emissary; he was welcomed with a "honk" and then Lewy took over the kiddie pool for an hour or so;  the magpies shurgged it off and retired to a bathtub.  Then Lewy got out of the water and spent another hour preening and checking things out.    Anyhow today I put everyone together for about 30 minutes while I stayed in there before sending the sheep and chickens out to graze and there were no problems.   I'll bet he is a very docile goose, though I have nothing to compare him to.  Maybe it is easier for him not having another boy goose around. 
Thanks again for him; he is just beautiful.  Friends came over to admire him yesterday for a bit.  He looks like a painting to me and is so perfect.  He doesn't even honk very his worst, he can't compete with a chicken who has just laid an egg  (you know, that "I laid an EGGGGGGGG" cry they make...)! 

I just love that email! It brings me so much joy when families keep in touch after adopting! I LOVE IT!

Well... I did it... I put another pond liner into the ground today! Now The Gate House has its own pond too and it's bigger than the one that was in there before. After I was done I let Dutch and Jack Frost swim in it. They have sort of a love/hate relationship. I can only put them together when I am chaperoning or else they argue. The rest of the day they are on opposite sides of a shared fence, visiting each other all day long and sleeping side by side.

Jack Frost (front) and Dutch (back)

"Who you callin' small, little man?!" --Dutch (right)

Dutch's new pond!

"My nose is all better, Momma!" --Jack Frost

Photos taken in the bachelor pad:  Louisville

Tommy Knocker, O'Malley, Obama

Tommy Knocker reflects on his reflection...


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