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Majestic Diary

May 1, 2009

I have come across even more evidence that Gulliver's "rescuers" were actually the same people who put him in his predicament. It didn't take long for their reputation to catch up with them once I chatted with people in the REAL rescuing field.

I sent them this email:

I’ve had some time to think. I have been watching Gulliver very closely these last couple weeks because I can learn a lot about a duck’s history through watching them. I have to tell you there are so many things that don’t add up about his story that I’m not even going to take the time to explain them all to you, and I don’t have to because I’m certain you already know what they are. Bottom line is, when people lie to me, I don’t appreciate their assumption that I am not intelligent enough to recognize it for what it is. I am.

In addition, your reputation has caught up with you. Your behavior is unacceptable. Stop buying ducklings and then releasing them onto ponds and blaming it on other people. You have seen that they get sick, injured and die there. They are domestic birds and have no place in the wild; to abandon them in this way is beyond inhumane, it is downright cruel. Furthermore, we will not be accepting any more animals from you because to do so would only reinforce your irresponsible actions. We will not promote the cycle of abandonment you are fostering. It is against everything we believe in.

In addition, I don’t like that you showed up at my house with a duckling when I specifically told you I wouldn’t accept him into our sanctuary unless you came with duckling crumbles & pine shavings for him as well because we are unequipped for ducklings. I take offense to the fact that you think adding an extra $50 onto your donation check makes it okay to send me on a two hour drive to run out for supplies when I had mother/daughter plans that day with my 6 year-old who was on spring vacation. You have taken advantage of my generosity. And then to top it off I find out that you live right up the street from the grain store where you buy all of your duck supplies (even though you may claim you don’t have a flock of your own or are not in any way responsible for any of them being in the predicament they are in today). Your time is NOT more valuable than everyone else’s—including mine. And your donation does not pardon you from putting forth any kind of effort, or from taking any responsibility for your actions.

And I just have to say, you keep making note of the size your donations, but I’m going to be honest with you, if you really think your $200 donation for Lilly is so highly commendable, you are truly kidding yourselves. That’s barely enough to cover the cost of electricity to run one pond-pump here for a month, never mind covering the costs of hay, feed or vet care. Lilly came to us with pneumonia and burned through that donation within weeks of her stay here and as soon as your parents dropped her on our doorstep, you didn’t care a thing about her ever again. She’s still here and has been living off of the generosity of others, not yours. Our sanctuary thrives because of generous people who consistently donate what they can, when they can. We do not stay afloat based on one person’s one-time check only given in exchange for a quick solution to their own problem--whether they brought it on themselves or not.  

The truth is that although we need funds to do what we do, what we really do here is not about money. What we do here is about loving animals—animals who are frequently treated by others as if they have no emotions or cannot feel pain, fear or experience psychological suffering. Our true supporters understand this and that’s why they continue to donate—to help us assist more of these wonderful animals that are so commonly overlooked by others. And, our other supporters are not contributing to this issue, as we are fully aware you are.

Do not respond to this email. We are ceasing all communications with you. Any emails you send to us will be auto-deleted.


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