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Majestic Diary

May 10, 2009

Duran Duran are back and Victor-Victoria was adopted as a better match for the family. Boy have these two been spoiled in their home--they are so naughty! We are working on that. They used to be shy when they were here and Mac was in charge, but Duran "Rio" quickly became alpha and in the battle, Joop! lost his place to Mac in the pecking order as well. But then a few days later Joop! won out over Mac and re-established his hold over the four of them.

The flock is still trying to work things out, but basically the Durans are in charge. At first Duran Duran laid stake to the pond and wouldn't share, but they are starting to allow a bit of that now. For a few hours a day I set up fencing and divde up the pen to ensure everyone gets pond time. I've also put various food and water sources around the enclosure to be sure everyone can gain access.

Boy does Mac get upset when I am on the other side of the fence with the Durans and he can't reach me. What a character he is! Silly goose!

And I am working with the Durans on their bad manners, which are already showing much improvement. They are SO BIG and they aren't afraid to put out their giant wings, which can be dangerous, so it is vital that they know that any charges at us will end quickly in them losing. So far so good, but they still need a little more work.

"Hey, how'd you get on that side?"  --Mac

Jack Frost "catching rain drops" (well, not really... he and Dutch Boy do this displaying to work out who is the greatest champion of them all!)

Dutch Boy and Jack Frost



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