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Majestic Diary

July 16, 2009

We've been working really hard on the proof of The Ultimate Pet Duck Guide Book. I've been speaking and emailing representatives of Mazuri, Purina and Blue Seal and getting permissions and information and today Mazuri donated $200 to the duckies after seeing our website and what we do. Yay! We really want to get the book out for August 1st, but it's going to be a race against time. After we finish editing this proof (we have 2 chapters left to go), we order the final proof and make sure it's perfect by re-reading everything again. I'm guessing we will need a couple final edits from there and one more super final proof before hitting the GO button. Exciting!

Roberta is doing very well today. She walked off the pond and was working her way into the barn at bedtime, but I picked her up and carried her so she wouldn't push too hard. She goes to the vet tomorrow for another Adequan injection and a meds refill.

Gulliver and Berty are madly in love and Benny has been keeping Gulliver in line and away from all the other hens. What a good boy! Gulliver is HUGE! I can't believe he was once our little baby boy, following us all around the yard. He is just so fluffy and sweet. I just love him.

I had someone email asking to adopt a single goose hen (which we don't have) so she could free-range it with her goose. I emailed back and simply said, "I'm sorry, but we do not adopt to free range situations because in our experience this always ends in disaster from predators." Simple right? You think that would be the end of it, yes? Oh no, not this one... she came back with another email and flipped out saying things like: "I don't dump animals," and, "I could very well have lied to you," and, "Don't you dare judge ME." Then she went on to brag about the 1200 acres her family owns. Who cares about her family's 1200 FREE RANGE acres. Then she suddenly claims that she does not free range her goose after all (so why did she tell me otherwise before? fishy...), and that he does have a pen and that her goose's bill got stuck in it and bled everywhere and how it's our loss that one of our geese isn't going to her.

Oooooo... now this sounds like a really good home, doesn't it?! P-lease.

Her temper alone is enough to convince me she's not a good match for our animals.

So then she sends a second email right after the first that says: "By the way, I wouldn't send you a dime." I'm guessing she is trying to hurt me with these words, but the only ones she is really hurting are the animals.

So I email back this:

"Our adoption requirements are stated clearly on our website. We do not adopt our animals into free range situations unless the birds are directly supervised the entire time. All of our adopters must have predator proof pens for all other times. I’m not sure why you are so angry with me about this, but it is for the safety of our beautiful rescues. This is our sanctuary and this is the choice we have made for our ducks and geese to ensure they get the best after leaving here.

Perhaps if you were the one donating your time to emotionally support hundreds of families whose free-range birds suffer predatory attacks, you might understand why we are so passionate about this requirement.

I never said you would dump animals or mistreat animals; I never even thought anything like that. I would never assume such a thing about someone I don’t even know, and I have not and am not judging you. Likely, I think it is the other way around. It is you who has judged me.

That being said, I wish you and <her goose's name> well.


P.S.  What a rude email. Do you really have nothing better to do than direct your anger to people who volunteer all of their time to caring for animals.  You can keep your dime. You likely wouldn’t have donated it anyway (now I am judging you)."


The last sentence brings me joy. Truly. A good zinger. I don't want to hear about how much money she would have donated in her perfect little imaginary world. I've heard that line of bull before. I can't be manipulated that way. Nope. Not falling for it.

I called Jenn and read the emails to her and she couldn't believe it either, but we do get the occasional koo-koo and we just have to encourage them to move along. Jenn thought that my email would be the end of it, but I know better. I set up my email to auto-delete any more emails from her because I know this kind of crazy and it doesn't go away that easily. Not until they get that auto message that says: "Your Message Has Been Auto Deleted; Please Do Not Reply" do they go away.

And sure enough the next day, the flashing message came up on my screen saying, "Message from <so-and-so> has been auto-deleted," and I laughed!


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