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Majestic Diary

July 21, 2009

We received some sad news today... my friend Glynis called to say just after losing her Jonah, she went outside and found Leona had passed away. Necropsy confirmed that Jonah had a tumor while Leona had peritonitis. Neither related, neither contagious... it was just their time... so close together...

I went to Kentucky in 2005 and Glynis, Eric and I rescued these three beautiful girls from a pond in a high traffic area. Since they already had Jonah and Fiona, they decided to name Sharona and Leona similarly. They called them all: "The Onahs."

Fiona, Jonah and Leona have now passed... but they lived wonderful, happy and safe lives with their loving family.

Wishing the best to Glynis & Eric and their remaining flock: Joseph, Sharona, Rosie, Dixie, Donnie, Elam, Taloo, Red, Lilly and Gabby.

Leona, Dixie & Sharona (L-R)



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