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September 24, 2009

I brought Egor to the vet yesterday for a follow up visit and some tests to see how his white blood cell count is. It will still be another 4-5 days before we get the results back. He was a very good boy about it and our vet could not believe the difference in him since his last visit when he was at death's door. It was nice to hear some good news.

The pens are full of yellow jackets (hornets). I don't know why they are suddenly after the berries of the Russian Olive trees; they've never been interested in them before. The only good news, is they seem to care entirely about the berries and not at all about anything else--including me. It's supposed to cool off tomorrow, so that should send them packing. They only get like this on days like today when it's hot and humid.

I got a sad phone call today...

My dear friend Jenn lost her gander Golly this morning. Poor baby... look at that sweet face. Just want to reach out and kiss him. He lived the good life with them for the last two years, had lots of friends, family, love and women; it just would have been better if he could have enjoyed it longer.


So many ducks and geese leaving their families this month... too many...






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