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Majestic Diary

December 21, 2009

Holy cow did we get buried in snow Saturday night! Tony and I went out at 2 a.m. and stayed out until 5 a.m. We shoveled paths through the pens to the water buckets and houses. By the time we finished making paths, the first paths had another 2 inches of snow on them, so we had to start over.

We headed out again on Sunday at 10 a.m., but by then another foot of snow had covered our beautiful paths. I re-found them while Tony worked on snow-blowing the driveway and making paths to the barn and Louisville. I made a bunch of winding paths through The Goose Run for them to wander around. I shoveled until 1:30 and then came inside, took a hot shower and crawled into my warm waterbed for heat and a nap.

This morning I went outside to check on everyone and freshen things up a bit. I found the geese gathered around their heated water bucket (Egor is in the barn).

I looked at Mac and asked: "So big guy, what would you like to do today to celebrate the coming of all this snow?"

"I want to have a parade!" 


"I meant with me as the leader! Duran, wait for me!"


"What the heck? Did he just break out in song?"


"Now he's dancing too? Leadership has gone straight to his head."


"What's up with this parade? Traffic jam!"


"Dear Santa, if you're up there, I would really like to lead this parade."


"Okay, Joop, I've got an idea. When he turns the other way, let's all sneak by him."


"That's it Joop! Run! Run!"


"This is much better! But why am I still the caboose?"


"Hmmm... which way do we go? Right or left?"


"And now for my big solo number: We wish you a merry Christmas!"


"And a bit of conducting of the orchestra!"


"And now a duet with my special gal Fanny!"


"How do I get dragged into these things..."


"All done. Now everyone follow me. Let's go this way. Ha ha! Now I'm the leader!

Thank you, Santa!"




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