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February 10 2010

It snowed today, so the whole family (Tony and Isabel) stayed home and watched the movie "9" by Tim Burton. I'm usually not a fan of his work, but Isabel is, so we chose it. I have to admit, it was REALLY good! And the ragdolls were so cute, Isabel and I made our own "10" doll.

We scrounged around the house and recycled a bunch of unused little doo-dads and made our little guy. When you open his belly, there is a plastic Easter egg inside that opens up and it has a working clock inside, so you can hear him ticking. It was a fun mother/daughter project and it brightened up our day!


1 Pair of socks, 2 tiny bottle caps, 2 google eyes, 1 zipper handle, 6 large clasps, 2 small cowbells, 1 strip of Velcro, 1 plastic Easter egg (filled with a watch face, a tiny antique key and a spring).


Needle, thread, scissors and a hot glue gun.

In other news, look at the duck cake I made! Can you tell I've been inside too long?! Wha ha ha! He's a cutie though, but I had to look away when Isabel cut into him. I just love his feet. I'm going to make a Muscovy cake next with a bright red mask!


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