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February 20 2010

Shyoko and Aryeh came by to visit Mac & Fanny before they go to their new home (with Dutch) on March 26th. We haven't seen them since last summer and were happy to discover they are having a baby girl right around the same time!

'Tis the mating season and Mac is kind of love crazy right now, but it was still a fun visit. Shyoko wore a white coat and I think it made Mac think she was a beautiful goose!

Fanny came over to eat lettuce too and of course Jetti was right with her. Every now and again Joop! would try to tell the gaggle to get away from the humans, but they just kept coming back. Even Egor came over to nibble at some lettuce. What a cutie he is!

When we rescued Mac & Fanny, who came down the river into their yard, we asked Shyoko and Aryeh if they had named them and they told us "Mac & Fanny." Today we asked what inspired their names and they said they once had a pigeon family move in on their a/c unit and they named two of the pigeons Mac and Fanny. So the geese were named in homage of the pigeons.

And my happy Dutchy Boy...

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