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March 27, 2010

Jenn and Elizabeth flew in Wednesday afternoon and spent a couple of days at the sanctuary. Then we all hopped into a rented Dodge Caravan SXT and began our drive south at 1:00 a.m. Friday morning. Jenn and I took turns driving, switching out every 2 hours. The girls, Isabel and Elizabeth sat in the backseats and behind them was a big cage with 4 geese and 2 pet carriers with ducks inside.

We adopted Jetti, Joop! and Jack Frost partway through the journey. After that, we continued on to TN with Mac, Fanny and Dutch. Everyone did very well on the trip: kids, geese and ducks! We took brief rests every two hours and changed out the blankets in the pet carriers/cages every 2 hours and gave everyone water and sprinkled a little food in their water.

24 hours after starting our journey, we arrived at the Garey home with our precious cargo. They had a giant 12 x 12 foot chain link pen set up in their garage for Mac & Fanny and a little fenced in area right next to it for Dutchy.

Once everyone was settled, we tucked ourselves into bed and woke up the following morning for the big introduction!

This is Mac, Fanny and Dutch. Isabel (left) and Elizabeth (right) are reassuring them as the Garey flock came running up to the other side of the chain link fence. We let them see each other for a few minutes before letting the new flock members through the gate.

Then we opened the gate and let Mac & Fanny through first. Lynyrd, Skynyrd and Ms. Donald (all China geese) were the most intrigued by their new guests--especially Mac. There was no fighting at all. They used their words to figure it all out.

Then we let Dutchy out and boy was he happy to see his wonderful new home!

I guess Skynyrd wasn't getting enough attention, so he decided he wanted to sit near Daddy Mike on the bench.

Meanwhile, Mac said hello to Kristina.

Skynyrd and Isabel had a discussion about catching clams and putting them in a bucket.

Catching clams is hard work, so Isabel and Skynyrd stop for a healthy watermelon and cantaloupe lunch.

After that, Elizabeth, Isabel and Skynyrd went for a boat ride. Skynyrd cleared the way by honking!

What a FANTASTIC day!


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