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July 15, 2010

I got a call this morning that woke me out of bed. Four ducks dropped off in Salem, CT near Horse Pond. They were seen yesterday in the parking lot. The person saw them again this morning, still huddled in the parking lot, afraid of the water. Yep... that sounds like new drop-offs alright. Thank goodness they made it through the night.

Isabel and I raced off with pet carriers and drove right to the spot. We looked around, but didn't see them anywhere. Isabel found where they slept under some bushes the night before. We looked out over the pond, but there were no ducks. I began to worry that we might be too late. I walked further along the water and found them all huddled together on shore. They saw me and came running over, saying, "Help us! Help us! We're lost!"

I ran over to the car, pulled out the two carriers and the wife of the caller showed up to help us catch them. I threw down some food and the gang came closer and the three of us circled around them. I leaned in and caught two and put them into carriers and then we circled around the other two and I grabbed them as well. It was Isabel's first hands-on rescue! She's officially joined the Rescue Team at 8 years old!

With all four ducks safely captured, we headed home. There are two boys and two girls, and one of the boys is just getting his grown up quack, so they are babies. Only about 10 weeks old, 12 at best. I wanted to name one of the boys Salem and Tony thought we should name the other three after mythological witches Deino (M), Pemphredo (F) and Enyo(F).

We got them all set up in the quarantine pen as soon as we got home and as soon as I filled up a kiddy pool, the four of them were in it, splashing around!


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