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Majestic Diary

January 3, 2008

I sent Tony on a brief mission downstairs. A half hour later, I discovered he and Tutter in the midst of a man-to-gander chat.

Subsequently, Tony decided that we should bring a kiddie pool into the house and bed it with hay (not water!) and put it in our living room, so Tutter can sit with us.

Sometimes I think I'm the only nutty one around here, so it's at times like this that a parade goes off in my heart. YES! Tutter in the living room--that is a FANTASTIC idea! (I best get on it before he changes his mind!)

This morning after giving Tutter his meds and leaving the infirmary, he flapped across the pen to follow me to the door. Oh, how I love this guy...

Oh alright, Tutter--I guess I have time for one more snuggle, one more hug, one more kiss . . . okay and one more snuggle and one more hug, and one more kiss . . . This could go on FOREVER. Tutter, I have to go. I'll check on you again soon; I promise.

Sheesh, and I thought saying good-bye to my daughter for Kindergarten was hard. :)

Tutter in the tub!

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