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August 22, 2010

Deirdre is doing much better. The Rimadyl is really helping her to feel better. She walks all the way from barn to pond and back again at night without any help and she is quacking and eating and doing the things a happy duck does.

I have to bring food to her a few times a day because she can barely see anymore and doesn't put in the effort to find her food bowl even though she knows where it is. I bring her a bowl of water with a handful of food in it and she eats up. I also bring her watermelon, which she can still see--and she goes CRAZY over it!

I'm so happy I have more time with my dear girl. I'm just not ready to say good-bye to her... not that I ever will be. I know I won't have her for much longer, so I'm just going to make her as happy as I can. I'm going to let her sleep with Jeffrey tonight. She just LOVES Jeffrey! And those boys, Jeff & Matt, they have Alanis & Avril here to tend to their needs, but they want nothing to do with them. They only want Deirdre. They all love Deirdre. She is everyone's favorite. Sweet girl...

Demi, Avril, Alanis, Deirdre (L-R)










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