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November 12, 2010

Deirdre goes with me to the vet every week for an Adequan injection for her arthritic leg and for pain meds. She can barely see things really close up in one eye and is completely blind in the other. Still, she is a happy girl who loves to swim on the pond and sleep in her hay house during the day while the other ducks mosey around her.

Here's Romeo standing tall!

This photo really captures Romy (standing) and Michele (resting). Romy is a QUACKER! She and Jazzy get into it through their dividing fence. I don't know what they're arguing about, but it reminds me of when Vida was still with us. She and Jazzy had the same issue. Makes me wonder... Meanwhile Michele "Shelly" doesn't give us any troubles.


Ha ha! Look at this photo of Nell! Boy is she chubby! Good for her, poor girl was a bag of bones when she arrived.

And Jody...

Just as a reminder, this was them the day after they arrived:

I just hate thinking about all they have been through. And Matt & Jeff have really taking a liking to them, which is important to consider because Deirdre might not be with us much longer. Deirdre is their main squeeze, so to avoid them becoming depressed it is vital that they have new love interests for them here. Avril and Alanis were supposed to be those loves, but they aren't the least bit interested in each other. I think I'm going to adopt out Avril and Alanis and retire Jodie and Nell instead.


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