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December 19, 2010

We found a great home and adopted out Avril, Alanis and Puff Daddy! That's the first bit of good news. They have a wonderful new family and are being cuddled and spoiled and loved a lot everyday! And they fell in love with Puff Daddy (who wouldn't?!).

The second bit is that the neighbor's giant pond is finally full and flowing down to us. WATER! Of course with the cold weather all the little ponds are frozen anyway, so it doesn't help the ducks (or my back). BUT... good news is we went and had a nice chat with our neighbors and they are going to pump water down to us in summers going forward to ensure our waterfowl sanctuary always has water! They felt bad that I have been lugging buckets of water for everyone and filling kiddie pools and they're going to help us out going forward. They also want to come down for a visit when the weather improves.












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