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January 13, 2011

There was still over 2 feet of snow left on the quarantine pen and on Louisville that had to be removed yesterday, but we didn’t have the strength to do it. And sure enough… we lost the quarantine pen today from the weight of the snow… the roof came down…

I was able to cut away most of the wire roof today and clear the remaining snow out of the pen. The left half of the pen is salvageable. We will fix it this weekend. The right half will have to wait until spring, but we cleaned out all of the downed beams and wire and re-bent the fencing back up in place, so it doesn’t look this bad anymore. We will re-build the entire pen in spring with hefty beams and super strong fencing like we used on Louisville.

We re-routed the electric fence, so the ducks and geese are all still safe!


The left half of West Wing comes down beneath 2 feet of snow:

Picture of Tony on the roof of Louisville as we work to get a few thousand pounds of snow off of the roof:


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