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January 28, 2011

Today Billy and Bella went to the vet for blood work and to have the vet look at Billy's frostbite. Everything appears to be sloughing off normally, but we did get some topical meds to put on his feet and on his face nodule. Both ducks were very well behaved and boy did they share a lot of poopy with the vet! Wha ha ha!

When I came home, I brought the Scovies back to the basement infirmary then I went out and dug the snow off of the sand pile, smashed the sand with a sledgehammer and filled up a bucket of sand to spread on the paths. After a half dozen trips, the pens were no longer slippery. After that fresh food, fresh water, fresh hay and inside to work on the website (here I am!) and the books.

Rilo is looking a whole lot better out in the barn, but I really feel for his pal Ranger who seems lost without his best buddy. Soon, big guy... soon...












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