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April 17, 2011

In introduced Moon to the new ladies, Juliet and Jamboree, and he LOVES them! At first I put a fence up between them because he loved them too much! I told him, "Girls like to be romanced," but he didn't listen. It's good to see him so interested and happy again. We're still looking for a Toulouse mate for him, but this distraction will work for now.

There has been too much squabbling in the Goose Run between the ganders and I've finally worked out the source... Jabberwocky.

Romeo is in love with Lilly duck and spends most of his days talking to her (and she with him). Fortunately Piper is not a jealous drake! So it wasn't him causing any trouble.

Moon struts around with Juliet and Jamboree... so it wasn't him.

Pancho is shy and tends to follow Moon and the ladies or me... so it wasn't him.

Meanwhile, Jabberwocky was obsessing over all the duck hens in the Courtyard pond and he was pacing back and forth, up and down the fence line. While doing so, he would recklessly barrel into Moon and then the two would fight and Jabberwocky would win, which prevented him from learning to stop the obsessive behavior. Moon tried a few times to stop him, but he couldn't win the fight. It made me miss Rio. He would have stopped it.

In any event, I moved Jabberwocky to the Bachelor Pad (Louisville) with Jocamo, Oh Henry! and Ranger. This way he can be around ducks, which is what he's craving and there are no geese to fight with. It was an immediate success. Calmness and serenity have returned to the sanctuary...

I love this photo of Jocamo, Oh Henry! and Ranger sleeping together... so peaceful...

Pancho has taken to following me all around the sanctuary! He's so cute! He will get within a couple feet of me and then stop and talk to me. I think he's saying, "Are you my Momma?" YES!

Romeo on the pond, while Pancho watches from his perch on the log:

Look at this great photo of Obama sleeping opposite Barney. Old pond buddies...

I have a tv interview coming up with an anti-Easter pet message. I wanted to fix up some of the bare wood that didn't look too pretty, so I painted this mural. It's hard to see the crowns in them, but they came out really pretty. And there's Bella walking by!


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