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August 1, 2011

Last night I was walking out to the pens. A big storm had just missed us (failing to leave us with any rain) and I looked up to the sky as the sun began to peak through again.

I wondered if God would give me a rainbow sign of reassurance for Benny and then shook my head and thought myself silly for even asking.

I finished checking on everyone and decided to take a quick dip in the pool to cool off. As I dipped my head back in the water to wet my hair, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing up in the sky.

I put my glasses on and called for Tony and Isabel.

Here are the photos:

I thought it looked like webbed foot prints in the clouds…

And some looked like perfect, oval eggs, but they dissipated quickly…

It was like a big, circular portal to heaven opened up right over our heads, surrounded by dozens of eggs and a trail of duck prints in the clouds.

I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Much better than a rainbow…

And now we brace ourselves for tomorrow... Benny's final morning with us...



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