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August 8, 2011

An amazing email came from my best friend Mary today. I first met her by email when she signed up to sponsor our rescued duck Elijah. She is our longest-running sponsor. When Elijah's life came to an end, Benny came to our sanctuary and she sponsored him next. Both had serious leg issues, so it kind of made sense somehow. Well neither of us have talked about what to do next since losing Benny. And then today came this email that went something like this...

"The strangest thing happened on Thursday (4th). As I was coming out of anesthesia the name Jocamo kept popping into my mind, but I was too groggy to figure out where in the heck I had heard it. During lunch I was telling <my friend> about it and she said I told her that when they were rolling me back into the recovery area where she was waiting for me. She couldn't figure out what the heck I was talking about and got a good laugh. All of a sudden it hit me! I said he's a duck! Jocamo is a duck! ...And I'm guessing that it was Benny who told me that I should be his sponsor! How weird and awesome is that? So, I would love to be Auntie Mary to Mr. Jocamo!"

The cool thing about Jocamo is his name comes from the song Iko Iko, which is a marde gras song and Mary is from Louisianna! How perfect and meaningful is that! I hadn’t even thought of it. I named him that because I downloaded a new version of Iko Iko by Captain Jack off of itunes for Isabel and I to listen to in the car--and he was rescued just afterwards.

Jocamo & Oh Henry! share a little watermelon





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