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August 27, 2011

We woke up to a power outage at 6:00 a.m. this morning. We weren't expecting to have to move the flock indoors until this afternoon, but Hurricane Irene arrived early.

I ran down to the barn first and began moving ducks around. Tony came in a few minutes later and said, "Wow. Did you see the size of that tree?"

"What tree?" I replied.

"How could you not see it?" he asked.

I opened the barn door and looked back towards the house to see what he was talking about. In the span of time between me walking down to the barn and him coming a giant limb fell within ten feet of our quarantine pen.

I carried ducks into the barn pair-by-pair while Tony set up the dividing fences for them. Then we walked the six geese inside and then the three Coffee ducks. After that we went out to Louisville with carriers and brought the bachelors in as well. The four new rescues went into a GIANT dog carrier on the other side of the barn to ensure their quarantine remained in effect for the safety of everyone.

We gave everyone food dishes and water bowls. All the bear necessities.

Everyone was very settled in light of the storm. There was no fighting or arguing. They all hunkered down and rode out the weather.

I was able to check on them three times during the course of the storm when there were breaks in the weather. Each time everyone was fine.

We had to call Jenn and Mike in TN to get up-to-date weather reports. Without power or cable and with only a radio to listen to, we weren't able to determine the course of the storm, what part of the storm we were in or where it was heading. The radio was just announcing how much rain or wind was upon us, but they failed to announce anything relevant about the course of the storm or where we were in it--how much time we had to endure it.

Fortunately, it became a tropical storm before hitting us. While micro-bursts of wind burst down at the trees and worried us terribly, it ended up heading north instead of taking an eastern turn.

Mike kept us posted as to where the eye of the storm was and let us know when it was safe for our flock to go outside again.

At 2:00 everyone was brought back to their pens and boy were they happy to see all that water!


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