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September 1, 2011

We still have zero power and zero internet/cable. I went to my sister's house today with our wireless laptop to usurp her internet access to update our website and to check emails.

Every day since the storm I've been wheeling this 300 pound generator down to the barn to run the pond pump, which circulates the incoming stream water to all of our ponds--ensuring everyone has fresh water.

Afterwards, I heave it up to the house to plug it into our breaker panel to power our well pump, which supplies water down to the barn. We need the well water to spray out the quarantine pen twice a day where our four newcomers are staying... and pooping... and pooping... and POOPING!

After spraying out their pen and changing the water in their kiddie pool and water bucket (twice a day), I fill the four water buckets in the barn.

While we thought we had 2 boy and 2 girl ducks, we actually have 3 boys and 1 girl. Hopefully the home for the two black and white boys pans out, but this means the two gray girls can't stay here because one is a boy. They'll probably have to go to Nevins Farm since we don't have anymore room for boys.

The black and white boys have been named Pete and Repeat. Repeat has the white angel wing on one side.

The gray Swede duck (on the pond in this photo) is named Irene. The gray boy not in the pool is probably going to be Hurricane or Stormy or Mystery (because we didn't know at first if he was a boy or a girl) or maybe something else. A little undecided yet!

We have power!

We came home after picking up a few groceries and the power was on!

Woo hoo!

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