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Majestic Diary

April 7, 2008

We had so many guests come to visit on Saturday--it was a great day and gorgeous weather too!  The couple who discovered and cared for Mac & Fanny until we could come rescue them came up for a visit and spent a lot of time talking with the pair of geese. I hadn't realized what good friends Mac and I have become until I saw his reaction to them--he was very upset with them for entering his pen and was all over them.  He doesn't do that for me, which shows me how much progress I've made with his manners. He gets most upset with me when I remove Fanny's eggs (although Fanny could care less--she is not sitting on them).

We had three more visitors come up with lettuce treats for the flock and they went from pen to pen and had a great time having the ducks eat out of their hands. Then my friend Patty came up for a visit and we shared some laughs. They all were able to see both Glory and Young Matthew give me some pretty amazing hugs--Matt's was really perfect, head right over my shoulder.  He is such a beauty!  And Miss Glory too, I remember when she used to hiss at me--not anymore!  Patty was fortunate enough to get a hug from Young Jeffrey. The ducks were all in very good moods because they love it when I turn over hay and they can eat tons of yummy earth worms!  Yum-yummy!!!

While all this was going on, I was doing our spring cleaning and removing the giant nests of hay from all of the pens to prepare for turning over the ground and planting grass seed. I cleaned more on Sunday. I only have 2 more pen sections in the Courtyard to clean out and they are each nearly done.

Then two more friends came up that night to sing karaoke with us--what a blast! My birthday is Thursday and I know Tony ordered me some new karaoke discs--whoo hoo! 

Here's pictures of the charms necklace I made which Isabel and I pretend are the keys to Tarabithia when we go for walks in the forest.


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