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Majestic Diary

October 10, 2011

We are having so much trouble with newcomer Mercy. She just won't eat. I gather a huge bunch of nightcrawlers each day and feed them to her to keep her from starving because she won't eat her Mazuri food at all. I've also been shaking berries from the Russian olive trees in the pen.

She just doesn't realize she's a duck. Whoever abandoned her was not feeding her right. She hunts after bugs all day long in her pen, but there aren't many in there (they don't last long!).

She follows people everywhere, but when our other ducks try to befriend her, she pokes them and chases them off. We were counting on them to teach her how to eat, but since she doesn't recognize that she's a duck, she's not mimicking their behavior.

I'm going to have to think of some kind of plan...


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