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November 27, 2011

Do you believe my 25th high school reunion was yesterday?! I'm not that old, am I? Ha ha!

After working Friday and Saturday on repairing the quarantine pen roof, Tony, Isabel and I finally finished it. It is safe and sound, clean, protected by electric fencing and ready for three pending duck rescues. I know, I know... I said I have to slim down... but then I just couldn't bear to hear that they were out there with no other alternatives, so I caved. Two pekin girls and one swede boy.

Anyway... after a long day of working, I set off to my reunion when I probably should have taken a good nap! It was worth it though. I spoke to a couple friends from elementary school and we shared some good laughs. I also reconnected with a couple of friends from high school that I fell out of touch with because of course selections and full time work (I worked over 40 hours a week through my Jr. & Sr. years).

I even talked to a few ladies that I recognized, but didn't know personally back then and they were really wonderful too.

So then I got to thinking... While high school was mostly boring for me (I couldn't wait for the monotony to end), I tried to gather what I got most out of it all and came up with this: 

When I was in high school, I said the things I wanted to say, did the things I wanted to do, wore the clothes I wanted to wear, listened to the music I wanted to hear and liked the people I wanted to like. Sure I caught some hell for it, sure I got teased now and then, but you know what? I wasn't hurting anyone, so I kept true to myself and kept on believing in me. I never let anyone change me or ruin my viewpoint. I stuck true. So all these years later, when people compliment me on my strength, determination and perseverance, I would say high school was the place where it all began to emerge. I never caved. Today our rescues depend on me for this.

Ironic thing is, the handful of kids who teased me never hurt me at all--not one bit. In the end, four of my closest friends betrayed me--each in their own time and most of them over boys. Which today makes me laugh and wonder... couldn't any of those silly girls find their own stinkin' boyfriends? Why were they always chasing after mine? Sheesh. That's pretty bad when a girl has to hide her dates from her own best friends. Like I always say to Tony:  There is no sisterhood!

What does this all have to do with ducks and geese? Not much. But it has everything to do with running an animal sanctuary and doing one of the most difficult, but most rewarding jobs on the planet.




And staying true to myself and all of the animals in our care no matter what the obstacle might be.

Young Matthew (who isn't so young anymore... 9 years & 8 months)


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