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Majestic Diary

February 4, 2012

After finally discovering the bacteria strain that was making Young Matthew ill, the medicine didn't have time to turn it around.

I brought Young Jeffrey up to see him one last time early this morning, so they would have a chance to see each other one last time. 

He has been on pain meds the entire time, but I had him HEAVILY sedated last night and even more heavily sedated this morning. I held him for hours on my lap, sleeping in the crook of my arm, and then as soon as the vet offices opened we began the drive to Dr. Otka.

Isabel has a basketball game, so we weren't sure we'd make it back on time, so Kat came over to drive Young Matthew and me there. Even though he was sedated and sleeping in my arms, I could feel him fading as we drove. And then he had a seizure and he nearly crossed over--faintly hanging on.

We only made three minutes up the road when we ran into the Lebanon vet's office and asked them for help. They were so kind to us, and the vet rushed in and did a quick euthanize to help ease him the rest of the way over.

His ashes will return in a week or two.

Young Matthew is one of the two founding brothers. He and Young Jeffrey showed us the light and led us to opening our sanctuary, so it was an extremely difficult loss (aren't they all...).

My day and evening feel so very empty without the involved care in keeping him alive for so long. If only we had a few more days, I know we could have turned him around. The medicine just didn't have enough time to work.

Thank you to everyone who is sending donations through. I think we're about half way there and it's been really helpful to not have to worry about funds right now in the middle of all of our sorrow. 

Moon-Moon is doing very well, and I fully intend to keep it that way...



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