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Majestic Diary

February 26, 2012

This is Bee our new Khaki Campbell/Indian Runner mix who we brought home yesterday. I named her in memory of a woman named Beatrice who was the best friend of someone really wonderful who I've recently come to know.

You can see her feathers are a mess... poor darling. And she probably doesn't know what to do with all this space.

And this is Yolanda a White Chinese goose.

The lighting in West Wing (the quarantine pens) is always terrible for photos. So many shadows on this side of the barn, but you get the idea. I'll try to get some nicer ones another day, but for now, they are pretty nervous--not used to having so much space to themselves, so I only go into the pen twice a day to check food levels and to clean the pen and refill all of the water bowls--very limited interaction for now. These poor ladies haven't seen much in the way of bathing water, so we have two heated water buckets in their pen and three different size duraflex bowls of water too.

Because of the cold temps, I have to string the hose out to the pen everyday and then drain it out after each use to avoid it freezing up. It's a lot of work cleaning frozen poop, but it has to be done! Nothing less than the best for my new babies!

In other news, newcomer Marvin will be arriving soon and Bee will have herself a Khaki boyfriend. He's with a wildlife rehabber right now. Someone called because there was a mallard in their yard and when they showed up they found Marvin--decidedly not a mallard. Someone dropped him off there and the poor boy has been pinioned... who does this to a duck--especially a non-flying one? So sad... poor darling...


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