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Majestic Diary

March 10, 2012

Today's the day for coming out of quarantine!

I gave Bee, Marvin and Yolanda their second dose of precautionary wormer yesterday (even though their fecals were negative... there was cecal worm where Yolanda and Bee came from, so we wanted to be EXTRA sure). And I gave them a second powdering for lice yesterday too.

So now they get to meet their new sanctuary friends! I switched the Piddies around, so the boys are where the girls were and the girls are where the boys were (in the bigger of the two pens). And then I led Bee and Marvin out with the girls Enyo and Phreda. Marvin is more interested in humans than ducks, so he shouldn't bother them; besides, Enyo is a protestor and lets me know when anything moves even an inch in her pen (I can hear her all the way up in the house!).

Here she is discovering her amazing new pond (a few seconds before slipping in and then leaping right out again... COLD!)

Her eye feathers look so much better, but her body feathers are not improving much at all... It looks like she'll need a full molt before she has working feathers again...

And then Yolanda went out to Louisville to meet Jabberwocky. Unfortunately, Jabberwocky believes himself the king of ducks and saw her as a threat to his minions Jocamo and Oh Henry!

And then they both flattened out and extended their necks parallel to the ground... not a good sign...

And then the normal pecking order stuff. It's best to let these things happen to see if they work themselves out otherwise the fighting will continue over and over again.

It's not usually an issue introducing females, but since Jabberwocky thinks he's a duck and doesn't recognize female geese as entirely wonderful, it has created a small complication (one that we're hoping Mother Nature eventually works out for us).

I watched for a few seconds to see if it worked itself out, but when it didn't I sectioned off a quarter of the pen just for Yolanda. They need some time getting used to each other before we try again.


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