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Majestic Diary

April 4, 2012

The best way to recover after so many hard losses is to sit out in the pens and allow  them heal me.

Today's photos...

Bella & Tricia



Demi (mid-stretch)

I've been spending a lot of time with Laddy, sneaking him special treats to help in his recovery. I put Demi in his pen to see if they might bond, but that didn't work out at all, so she's back in the Courtyard making ga-ga eyes at Shorty in the Goose Run--I really need to get those two a pen!

Laddy sighs...

Then shakes it off...

Then waddles over to talk about it with Piper and Mercy

Getting good photos of Bonnie and Dilly is always tricky. I'm not sure if it's her coloring that makes it so difficult or the light over in that area of the pens, but it's always a struggle. Today I managed to take some really cute ones though!

Dilly & Bonnie


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