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July 2, 2012

3:00 pm

We will be letting go of Duran Moon at 6:00 o'clock tonight... It's been a long fight, but his immunity has never been the same since losing Rio... He's been fighting illness and infection... Today I went outside to feed him his breakfast (I always bring his highness his breakfast and serve it up to him personally) and he couldn't stand up.

6:00 pm

Just came back from the vet... let our Dear Moon-Moon go. We chose not to wait for his appointment at six. His bill was turning yellow from liver failure and the vet discovered that he was underweight, so even though I served him his breakfast every day, the vet said he wasn't processing his food properly.

After pulling his medical file and reviewing all of his medications, I can only assume that it was just too much for his liver to take.

I feel terrible... when Rio passed away in 2010 I promised him before he left that I would take really good care of his brother. I feel like I let him down...

Moon's ashes will be back in two weeks and he will be buried along side his brother Duran Rio as soon as our new cemetery is completed this fall.

I sure will miss greeting him throughout the day... "Hello Da Moon-Moon! Bye-bye Da Moon-Moon..."

And now I need to help his girlfriend River through this heartbreaking loss...

River (front) and Moon (back)


Duran "Rio" (back) and Duran "Moon" (front)


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