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October 23, 2012

When we brought Alice up into the barn last night, she was looking a little better, I dare say. Her tail was pointed up when she swam yesterday (rather than flat and parallel to the water) and she stuck with the other ducks most of the day--not craving solitude like she did over the weekend.

Her waddle is not as stiff, although something is still going on. Could the antibiotics be fighting something? If so, it's not renal failure.

I'm waiting for eight a.m. to arrive, so I can call our vet and get her in--hopefully this morning.

She and Young Jeffrey are the only two in the barn. Everyone else already went out and boy are they both upset with me. I gave Alice her antibiotics, but she didn't appear to need any pain meds today, so we skipped that.

Oh, please get better...

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