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January 7, 2013

Young Jeffrey is still inside in our sunroom. I forget he's there sometimes while at the computer working and all of a sudden I'll hear a woosh of air under his wings and a good quack! His energy level is really good and his symptoms are nothing like Young Matthew's were, which is a relief. And his fecal culture came back negative for bacteria. He has elevated yeast levels, so I'm adding vinegar to his drinking water per our vet's instructions.

His goodies went inside and then came back out again and then went back inside again. He's on Rimadyl to control any inflammation and he's on torbutrol for pain. I guess when he was intubated, the tube irritated his throat, which is the only reason why he's not eating. He went for a follow up visit and our vet told us he will likely eat in 7-10 days from the date of surgery.

In the meantime, Kat came by with nightcrawlers and he's eating them, but only if I cut them up... BLAH! So gross... poor wormies... I try to go as fast as I can. I don't like hurting anything--not even worms. But I have to get food into Jeffrey. And worms are all he'll eat. He's been doing so well I haven't been syringe feeding him anymore. I can't wait for that moment when he eats his Mazuri again.

Meanwhile, outside...

Gloria and Lulu had some pond fun today! Gloria prefers to sit in the cozy barn all tucked into the hay, but every few days, when it's sunny, I walk him out (or carry him out) to the pond to get cleaned up and do goosey things.


I painted this photo of Gloria today to use for the top cover of the mini tins. I'm going to make one for his family at Mystic Village as a gift from him--to thank them for letting him stay in a nice barn for the winter.


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