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Majestic Diary

April 2, 2013

We lost little Dilly on Easter Sunday... poor little dear... He was such a perfect little duck.

We tried moving Jocamo out of Louisville to see if he and Bonnie would bond, but he just went crazy. Bonnie is too small for him and couldn't handle the advances. So within ten seconds of introducing them, we brought Joc-Joc back to be with Jabberwocky and Yolanda (geese). Jabberwocky was really upset with me for taking his "son" away and was very pleased to have him returned. I said I was sorry, but explained that someday Joc wants to go to a home with a girl of his own. Jabberwocky can't be with girl ducks because he thinks he's a big duck and would try to mate a girl... dangerous... and not allowed.

So we moved Bonnie over with Eesa (little Pekin girl) and Taahn (little Cayuga boy). The match was instant. They've been neighbors through a fence for a long time and they're all the same size.

Bonnie Bonster

Bonnie, Taahn & Eesa


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