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Majestic Diary

May 5, 2008

Patty and Bob are two of our volunteers. Patty mentioned that she was once in the military and Bob still is. Tony used to be in the Navy, so I asked which branch. The Coast Guard? I laughed, "They aren't the military! They're like a little club," I teased. "If they were in the real military they would be in the jingle... you know: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines..."

Patty emailed me the words to the Coast Guard song today. I emailed her my own version back:

The Coast Guard Song

There is no song for our crew
For this we are hardly merry
We simply cannot understand
Why we’re not military

Damn those Army, Air Force guys
Damn the Navy & Marines
We tug around on paddle boats
While they get REAL machines

We only serve a weekend
And a random one at best
(We’re surprised we’re even entitled to
VA benefits)

Oh, we would trade it all
To be like true recruits
If only we were in the song…
Hail, Coast Guard, they’d salute

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