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Majestic Diary

May 7, 2008

We have been working on installing electricity in the barn. We have a small line that runs from our house to the barn that powers a small pump and a few heated buckets outside during the winter, but now we have installed electrical outlets in every section of pen and in the barn.

We are going to run power lines directly to the barn to feed all the outlets. We have been getting by with a tiny, little pump. It struggles to keep water flowing through all the pens. We already bought the new pump, which will easily service all the existing pens and pounds PLUS the new pens we plan to add in the future. Once the new power lines are set in place, we will be able to hook up this new pump and the water will really move!  So exciting!  And when winter comes every pen, inside and out will have heated water buckets--no more running out at 5 a.m. and chipping ice out of water buckets of the inside barn gang anymore.

The town inspector came out yesterday and was impressed with everything.  He wants us to add one more ground pole, which we suspected he would do and wants some sealant put on in a few places, but that's about it.  So Tony and Dad fixed those last things today and the inspector is coming back on Friday to have a look and then sign off on our permit.  Woo hoo!  Then we can have CL&P come out to do the install, which is FREE!

This will be great for the sanctuary because we will have split meters and the sanctuary will be billed directly for power.  That way any bills we Links pay are at least tax deductible.

In other news... I lost my job today... downsizing. But on the bright side, severance came with it, and time home with the ducks is always good. I am a Credit Manager and have tons of Credit & Collections experience and the one thing about hard times is lots of businesses owe money and that means Credit/Collection work is out there. Closed doors always mean new ones opening and in my experience, better ones. So there's to the future!


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