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Majestic Diary

October 10, 2012

We're still working on the plans to help Fred & Ginger--more specifically Ginger. The pair are still at Nevins Farm. They just did the second round of x-rays and her leg joint does not look good... much worse actually... Which means she needs a full body x-ray to see if it's cancer and if it's metastasized. Over the course of the next few weeks, three different vets will be reviewing her radiographs to try to rule out cancer, so we can proceed with amputation surgery and then an upcoming fitting for a prosthetic leg.

Hang on, Ginger... just a little bit longer...

Lil Ms. Bee's surgery went well in some regard and not-so-well in others. Our vet did remove all the bone apparatus and put a metal pin in her wing that goes right down the middle of her Radius bone. The end of the pin comes out of the skin of the tip of her wing for later removal. The wire tip is protected with a soft cushion, so she won't poke herself.

During surgery, her diving instinct kicked in and the little bugger held her breath for twenty minutes (which is not uncommon). But our vet was well prepared for this and had two people monitoring her breathing through the entire procedure and they did her breathing for her the entire time, until she jumped in and took over again. So even the not-so-good part went well thanks to our expert vet team! THANK GOODNESS!

The poor little dear... I can really tell this surgery took a lot out of her. She looks so drained... We have her on very good medicine to keep her comfortable and to prevent swelling & infection.

This time around, she has a purple bandage instead of a pink one--cute!

Meanwhile outside... Waverly is so IN LOVE with Young Jeffrey! It is the funniest thing ever! She just can't get enough of her man. She's like a teeny-bopper in love with a celeb! She gets in front of him and quack-quack-quacks her ultimate praises for him, "I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!" The poor guy can't get by her most of the time, so I have to scootch her along and encourage her on her to the pond to make way, which she does not care for... "Hey, get away from my man!" she scolds. She is so hilarious! She and LeeLoo have really brightened up our sanctuary!

Here's Waverly chasing Young Jeffrey up the shore... heaven forbid he's more than three inches away from her!


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