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Majestic Diary

July 8, 2008

Okay, okay... so I've been away from the diary. But, you have to forgive me, I wanted to relax as much as possible before starting my new job today.  Blah... I have also been working hard at the keys, finishing up my sci fi novel. The story is complete, now I'm working on the appendix, which has all the artwork and "fun facts" about the aliens. 

Piper and Lilly are all grown up. Although they were the perfect answer for each other, since meeting Piper, Lilly wants nothing to do with me any more. She used to be my little lap duck, but Piper is so shy that when he runs away, she follows after him.  Boo hoo... I miss my ducky hugs. But... at least they are both happy, safe and fulfilled. Sadly, the home that wanted to adopt them both fell through.

Mac is molting and won't come anywhere near me in the goose pen, but that's a nice change from all the charge he was doing there for a while. I also think he's a little upset with me for adopting out Goliath and Duran Duran. He probably thinks I'm coming for him next.

Piper-Do (left)  & Lilly-Put (right)

I'm sure there's more to tell, but I am wiped out from returning to work AND handling the sanctuary again. I was enjoying having only one job as opposed to two. If only people loved ducks as much as they loved apes or something. Why must the monkey's get all the funds? Doesn't seem right.

Oh, I did take a serious spill in the duck pen on Saturday. The hill to the pond was slick with moss and I landed on a rock, tore my knee open and hurt my arm. So you think I get a rest? Nope! I spent a few hours yesterday turning over all the dirt in the pen to get rid of the moss, so it wouldn't be slick and dangerous.

We are entering the draught season... hard times, praying for rain.  Most storms go either north or south of us or dissipate just before hitting Lebanon. Tony calls it our "Rain Shield." Remember last year when we ran out of water in June and didn't have water again until October? Ay yi yi... please not again...


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