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Majestic Diary

July 21, 2008

We rec'd an interesting email from a writer who is working on the final edit of a duck film. She wants to put a little "Majestic" clip at the end and then direct 10% of the film's tour proceeds to our sanctuary. I don't know... sounds too good to be true...

I had her give me a call, and she is planning to come out for a visit in September.



[This page has been edited because indeed it WAS too good to be true. I have removed all of her information from our website. She was just using our non-profit status for her own personal gain and publicity. She later said that we had heard her wrong and none of the proceeds were going to us and that she only set out a tip jar for us. And then when she realized she had put the whole "10%" bit into an email that I still had, she changed her story again. In the end, there were no proceeds. She spent them all. She just uses non-profits to get stores near her film showings to donate free food to her events. And then afterwards, she tells the non-profits there were no proceeds. We caught on pretty quickly and thwarted her attempts to do the same in Connecticut.]




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