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Majestic Diary

August 7, 2008

After feeding the ducks worms the other day, I quietly asked Deirdre, our dear mother hen, to please include Miri and help take care of her for me.

I came back a half hour later to this:

Deirdre, may I sit with you?

Please do, Miri.

And the time of healing began...

And more joined in...

Okay... this is a good one... Now this is the kind of stuff about running a sanctuary you won't hear about anywhere else.

Slug Fest 2008!

Today I caught a mountain of slugs (wearing rubber gloves, of course). They are EVERYWHERE on these wetlands just waiting to be ducky snacks! After about 20 minutes of combing a 10' x 10' area (and leaving many more behind), I headed to the pens.

Yummy Ducky Snacks!

I gave a little pile to each of the boys in their pens and then spread the bulk of them in the pen with all the hens (Deirdre, Vida, Daisy May, Tiwana, Jezebel, Rosella, Jasmine & Miri).  Some of the girls have learned to grab one juicy slug, run down to the water and sift water through their bills to rinse the slime off of the slug before eating it. Then, they run back up the slope for another. Interesting that one figured it out and then the others began to learn from each other. Everyone is begging for more, more, MORE! And I'm tossing handfuls on the ground and spreading them all around (again... with gloves on) and before we know it they have wiped them all out.

Well... apparently Daisy May got herself a big slimy bunch. While I'm taking photos and video footage, I see her struggling with a bill full of goo. I end up having to pick her up and carry her into the house. I set her into the empty sink and proceeded to use paper towels and tissue to clean out all the slimey gum that has adhered to her tongue and bill. I used a syringe to spray it out and massaged her throat to help her get the rest down. Ha--good thing I wore gloves outside... That turned out to be a waste of time. My fingers were covered in booger-like goo. BLAH! And the whole time I'm doing this, she's hopping up and giving me hugs. Sweet little thing! Okay, back out to the pen with you!

Sheesh, the things I go through around here to keep everyone entertained!

Two new arrivals came to us yesterday afternoon. Mademoisele Fifi a Sebastopol Frizzle goose who we thought looked like a French maid. After naming her and speaking goose with a French accent, she came over and ate out of my hands and ignored Tony entirely. I said, "See? She is French!"

We also welcomed Rosella (whom Isabel named) a Rouen hen.

Lilly and Piper meet their new neighbor Fifi

Rosella and Miri


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